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Mining in Kentucky
By Russell Lee, Field, Bell County, Kentucky, August 31, 1946

Mining in Kentucky

National Archives
Area: Knoxville

Mrs John Whitehead, wife of miner, and two of her children (or grandchildren) in the kitchen of her three room house. Mr. and Mrs. John Whitehead and their six children and six grandchildren live here. This house, built on company owned land, was built by Mrs. Whitehead's half brother at no expense for materials or labor to the company; the builder (half brother) was to receive the use of the house rent-free for three years and at the end of this period the ownership of the house would revert to the company. The brother moved away at the end of one year, receiving no cash settlement from the company. The house now rents for $6 monthly. It has no running water, no electricity, access is over a mountain trail; there are three rooms.

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