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Six injured in explosion at Westlake Chemical

January 26, 2022 -

Area: Lake Charles

Westlake, LA - An explosion at Westlake Chemical’s south plant Wednesday morning was felt throughout the area and caused a plume of smoke that stretched across the sky.

Plant officials say an empty Ethylene Dichloride tank exploded around 10:45 a.m. The cause is under investigation.

Six injuries have been reported at the plant, none of which appear to be life-threatening, Westlake Chemical spokesman Joe Andrepont said. One person was treated onsite and five people were transported to area hospitals.

Andrepont said at 11:30 a.m. that the fire had been extinguished, all shelters-in-place were lifted, and there were no vapors in the air.

The south plant is located near Pete Manena Road and PPG Drive.

KPLC received calls and messages from throughout the area from viewers who had felt the explosion and had seen the smoke across the sky.

Some viewers said it felt as though the explosion shook their entire house.

Ethylene Dichloride is a chemical used in fuel, plastics and cleaning supplies.

The Office of Emergency Preparedness and Louisiana State Police have been notified.

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