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UFO expert Max Spiers 'vomited black fluid' before his death, inquest hears

The Telegraph
December 19, 2016 -

Area: Kent

The death earlier this year of Max Spiers, a British Ufologist, has continued to prompt intense speculation among conspiracy theorists, as an inquest in Kent this week heard he "vomited two litres of black fluid" shortly before he died.

Spiers, 39, originally from Canterbury, was found dead at an friend's apartment in Warsaw in July.

Local authorities initially stated he had died from natural causes - but his mother Vanessa Bates approached the media to express doubts over the verdict.

As an inquest into Mr Spiers' death opened in Canterbury last Monday, Mrs Bates told reporters: "It's been a long time coming, but I'm just relieved that at last something is happening and there is a proper investigation and inquest."

In a statement, coroner's investigations officer Caroline O'Donnell told the inquest: "Mr Spiers became ill with a high temperature and was weak."

According to the Kentish Gazette, the following day Mr Spiers vomited two litres of black fluid.

"The friend called a doctor who attempted resuscitation before pronouncing him dead."

A few days before his death Mr Spiers had sent his mother a text message saying: "If anything happens to me, investigate."

Mrs Bates, an English teacher, said in October: "[Max] was making a name for himself in the world of conspiracy theorists and had been invited to speak at a conference in Poland in July.

"He was staying with a woman who he had not known for long and she told me how she found him dead on the sofa.

"But I think Max had been digging in some dark places and I fear that somebody wanted him dead."

Coroner Alan Blunsdon told the inquest he was waiting to receive a report from Polish authorities, and that he hopes to have Mr Spiers' laptop and mobile phone forensically analysed.

The inquest has been adjourned until February 22.

Earlier this year author and journalist Nick Pope, who investigated the UFO phenomenon for the Ministry of Defence in the early Nineties, said on Twitter: "The death of Max Spiers was a tragedy, but having run the UK Government's UFO project I promise we don't go around killing UFO researchers."

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