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September 23, 2002 -

Frodo's Ring, Pale Riders and B.A.I.C.


1:46 AM Frodo's Ring, Pale Riders and B.A.I.C

Cut n' pasting from another folder just for fun, sometimes twice is nice--Kent

Col. John C. McCormick (ret.)


5:44 PM Re: Catfish is here

Many Pale Riders come here.

Pale Riders are NSA, CIA spooks left to live in the general population. There caseworkers often don't know what they're doing. They answer only to Black Pope types, e.g. Bobby Inman, Brent Scowcroft.

Pale Riders are known to look down on ordinary intelligence types; they're go get 'em, upwardly mobile college-boy types - hyper-literate and frequently are presumed to have or affect to have "journalistic connections."

Pale Riders are hep to the Mysterions agenda. They do not work for any one country or espouse any one ideology.

Post-ideological types, they frequent boards like this to pass info to others "out-in-the-cold" and to phone home.

Col. John C. McCormick (ret.)


12:04 AM Re: Catfish is here

Not so.

The drama doesn't take place here. "Here" is just a conduit.

Back in my days in Mil. Intel., around 1947-1971, we saw many of our most cherished projects hijacked by these pinheads.

It began when we were forced to retract our announecment that we had target accessibility on an unknown craft and instead put out the now infamous "weather-balloon" story that made us all look like freshman high-school kids.

Some of the (then) older fellas never did live that down.

We wondered - Who are we working for, the good old U.S. of A. or the Kremlin?

And when some of the early Pale Riders starting talking Russian behind our backs, butmaking sure we heard them, well if you read the late Col. Corso's book, The Day After Roswell, you can't blame some of us for thinking the commies were taking over.

But I digress.

I think some of the P.R.'s are more than riding sidesaddle on this site...

some of the most innocous looking posts go "straight-filtered" through NSA.

I've said enough and I've had enough.



1:27 AM Re: Catfish is here


I think it's all about Rogue Tycoons, ex Swabbies, Grunts and the Pale Sliders, that spawned off of the first contact Mysterion info.

I think some of these, yeehaw cosmic bucaroos smelled big piles of steaming Federal Reserve notes, took the knowledge and cashed in.

There's our silly Secret Government.

One or two jewelry-laden insider-spooks could start some pretty fancy garage enterprises with the new technologies, maybe even take over a whole world, bake us all.

That's what they did, probably called it:

B.A.I.C (or similar). Clever lil' rascals.

They slum around these websites knowing full well that they did not get the whole saic, oops I mean sack, SACK of fertilizer. The "Outsiders" weren't that silly and quit interfacing with the self-proclaimed Pale Faces and started contacting ordinary folk instead, a much better bet because ordinaries gab it out more, find others like themselves and let it fly.

Not fair! say the BAICers. It's mine, MINE, Frodo's ring, MINE.

Too durned bad, Paleys, we pheasants have some of it and guess what we intend to give it away for free.

By the way, making cool techno-toys is not IT, Paleys, you'll never get to heaven in a Ford V8, a transistor, a chip, or a can of beans. You just hold your breath and count to seven backwards and...GO!

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