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Worldwide Periodical Time Shift

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June 27, 2002 -

Subj: Worldwide Periodical Time Shift.

Date: 6/18/02 2:37:42 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent,

I'm an ORBIT-Visitor since almost two years. In one of your latest publications you mentioned that time is sometimes running slower. I'm a "wrist-watch-maniac" (collector) and I own more than 130 watches (Omega, Breitling IWC - very exact running ones!!!), also a lot of non-mechanical (quartz) high-tech watches too. All of them are (better say were) very exactly measuring the time until 07/2001. Since then they all (the mechanical and the battery-quartz-based watches too) start to run sometimes slower. Right now (18 March 2002 to June 18 2002 I'm missing in the average 2-3 seconds a day (an average of 15 seconds per week over all watches I possess- before 07/2001 I had a average of max. +/-2 seconds per week). I have an Internet connection to different so-called "nuclear watches" (time server) and a couple of radio-controlled watches at home. My entire "non-online" collection is losing time. I discussed this with a lot of people here in Germany, Russia, Bulgaria and Austria and with all my friends. Some of them (30%) agree with me, the others don't care or don't recognize this phenomena.

Could you probably start an ORBIT-Alert, so people from different parts of the world can compare this issue? I don't know if this is some kind of NIBIRU-Influence or a problem with the magnetic field of our earth! But it is strange! I have a few contacts to Russia and Austria, some people there have made the almost same experience with a average of up to minus 43 seconds per week. But this happens not every week. It seems there is a periodical "whatever" (any kind of influence) behind this phenomena every 5 weeks and 3 days. So you have weeks, where time has a normal "behaviour" and weeks (exactly12 days), where time runs "faster". The last time-shift period (the last 12 days) ended last week (June 16), on Sunday morning. So we have now 5 "normal" weeks until it starts again for two weeks.

In the weeks where time runs faster we also measured an abnormal behaviour of the sun. The place/the coordinates, where the sun has to set is not identical with the place estimated with the usual astronomical software. There is a difference of up to 15 degree most north, north-west from the usual place. We have done different measures during the last 9 months and became a difference of 14.4, 16.0, 18.0, 15. 3 and 11.5 degrees (average of 15 degree over the time in the fast-time-weeks, here in Cologne, Germany). In Sofia (Bulgaria) there was a measured difference of 10.1, 11.3, 12.4, 11.3 and 9.8 degrees. The measured difference from St. Petersburg (Russia) was 16.1, 18.0, 22.5 (!) 17.6 and 16.1 degrees.

So it is not only a local phenomenon, it seems to happen worldwide. It CAN NOT be a pole shift, because if you wait a few hours after sunset and check the position of the north star and also some other star-constellations, everything seems to be all right! Only Alpha Ursa Majoris (don"t know the english name, sorry - it's the brightest star of the "Big bear") has a different position of 2 up to 5 degrees. For the other constellations You receive the same data as shown by the computer-software (ex. "Starry Nights" and other - German and Russian - astro-software). But the position of the sun and of Ursa Majoris varies in the weeks with the "Time-Shift". Any Ideas?

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