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Alien Base:: The Evidence For Extraterrestrial Colonization Of Earth

Alien Base:: The Evidence For Extraterrestrial Colonization Of Earth

by Timothy Good

Publisher: Harper Perennial
Year: 1999
Category: UFOs


In his popular books Above Top Secret, Alien Contact, and Beyond Top Secret, Timothy Good has focused on the worldwide involvement of the intelligence community in UFO research, sightings by witnesses such as military and civilian pilots, and the recovery of alien vehicles. Now this bestselling writer concentrates on reports of actual encounters with extraterrestrial beings, presenting evidence that Earth is actually the base of operations for several alien species.

The most authoritative and comprehensive account of alien visitation and colonization in the twentieth century, Alien Base is the culmination of nearly forty years' research that for the first time offers an in-depth understanding of this diverse, bewildering and bizarre range of phenomena.

New Evidence form Timothy Good's files includes:

-The most impressive collection of photographs of alien craft
-The first convincing photographs of aliens
-Retrievals of alien craft and bodies predating Roswell
-Cases involving repairs carried out to grounded craft
-Visits to alien bases on Earth
-New stories of worldwide encounters with aliens (1920-97)
-Unidentified submarine objects reported by naval observers
-Remarkable new cases involving space-time distortion
-Sensational new encounters reported by pilots

Written by a researcher recognized internationally for his objective and unsensational approach to this complex and multidisciplinary subject, Alien Base provides a unique insight into Earth's most enduring enigma.



Kali Yantra