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Project Moon Dust:: Beyond Roswell

Project Moon Dust:: Beyond Roswell

by Kevin D. Randle

Publisher: Avon Books
Year: 1999
Category: UFOs


"We have been told that the U.S. Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years and never found any information to suggest they were real, that they posed a threat to the United States, or that they were from other solar systems.

That is what we were told. But such is not the case."

In 1953, a classified government was proposed that would deal with the recovery of "returning space debris" launched from other nations. But why did the Air Force consider such a program necessary when Sputnik--the first Soviet satellite--would not be launched until four years later? Since the initiation of the top secret Project Moon Dust, the government--and specifically the USAF--has engaged in continuous covert yet highly documented official investigations into UFO phenomena, which have included often dangerous interfaces with extraterrestrial crafts in the skies above our nation, and supersonic pursuits that have put pilots'' lives at risk; pursuits that were observed by many reliable eyewitnesses.

The co-author of UFO Crash at Roswell--the definitive account of America's most famous extraterrestrial encounter--Air Force Reserve Captain Kevin D. Randle uses his unique access to classified military documents to go deep inside the continuing cover-up and bring out the facts:

The real contents of the infamous Project Blue Book files
The recorded truth about the fateful summer of 1952--when a record number of unexplained sightings led to the government's creation of Moon Dust
The Belgium sightings of 1990--one of the most extraordinary events of our age
The covert role of the CIA in UFO research
The truth vs. the official lies about the Kelly-Hopkinville creature report, the Cash-Landrum injury case, the Benwaters encounter, and, of course, Roswell.




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