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Ex- British defense official says UFO reports are credible
Ex- British defense official says UFO reports are credible

Ex- British defense official says UFO reports are credible

November 12, 2006
Earth Times

LONDON: A former senior officer of Britain's ministry of defense says aliens could exist and they could come to planet Earth.

Nick Pope, who headed the UFO program at the directorate of defense security at the ministry of defense, says he is worried that the government's X-files have been closed down and "the consequences of getting this one wrong could be huge."

Pope, who left the ministry of defense job recently says he now feels free to discuss the views he had formed as he headed the UFO project between 1991 and 1995, and which has since been disbanded.

He told a British newspaper, "Frankly we are wide open -- if something does not behave like a conventional aircraft now, it will be ignored."

Pope said he was convinced after studying the files that UFOs are credible, including the one reported in 1993 by civilians and RAF personnel in the Midlands.

He has no evidence to show of any hostile intent by UFOs, but he is sure the planet is being covertly reconnoitered.

He says while most of the UFO sightings can be explained away, there are a few that cannot be explained. The 1993 sighting was one among these. Again there was the 1980 report at a Royal Airforce base in the east of England about bright lights emanating from a wood. The RAF staff which went to investigate, found "a kind of lunar landing module" which flew off. Pope claims the craft had left imprints in the ground that were found to have ten times more radiation than normal.




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