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Police: Alien pulled over in Atlanta
Police in Alpharetta, GA were not expecting this passenger during a traffic stop on Sunday, June 25, 2017.
Police: Alien pulled over in Atlanta

Police: Alien pulled over in Atlanta

June 27, 2017
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Police in Alpharetta had an extraterrestrial encounter on Sunday.

When officers pulled over a car for speeding and approached the passenger side window, they saw a big-eyed, still, pale figure riding shotgun. As it turned out, the passenger was not of this planet.

Police got a laugh and snapped some photos when they discovered it was a life-size alien doll. For good measure, the driver even buckled it in for safety.

In the center console was a bottle of SmartWater and a cup holding what looked like a smoothie. It's unclear what E.T.'s cousin was sipping on.

On its Facebook page, Alpharetta Department of Public Safety wrote: "Umm, the things you see during every day patrol."

The M.I.B. were not called to the scene.


Kali Yantra