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Large triangle UFO spotted by commercial airline pilot in Memphis, Tennessee

November 29, 2009

On 11/24/09 at 9:45 pm, a commercial airline pilot in the Cordova area was looking to the north at departing air-traffic from the Memphis airport, when he saw what he described as a diamond-shaped craft pass directly under a CRJ-200 [Canadair Regional Jetliner]. This pilot who has asked to remain anonymous said the jet was flying at about 8000 feet and the Unknown flew under it at an approximate altitude of 6000 feet [a close call in terms of air-traffic safety regulations]. The pilot said the UFO was on a flight path from east to west and traveling at somewhere between Mach 1 and Mach 1.5. He said that it was banking slightly to the north-west as it flew under the jet, so he got a view of its underside. He described it as a perfect triangle with dim white lights at its corners and about 200 ft across, easily as large as a 747. Though it was somewhat hazy in appearance, he said he saw it distinctly enough to make out that it was a solid body with the lights attached. It had no stobe lights and was totally silent. He observed it for about 20 seconds until it passed out of sight .

This man has been flying all his life and is very knowledgable about airplanes. He said he has never personally witnessed any aircraft this strange before. He commented in the interview the next day with the MUFON Tennessee State Director that he was very confident that it was nothing of ours, military or otherwise. In his report to the MUFON CMS files, he concluded by stating that this sighting left him feeling numb. When interviewed, he admitted that he was still shaken by what he had witnessed.

When asked if he experienced anything else strange or unusual in the immediate aftermath of this sighting, he mentioned that one hour after he saw the UFO, a helicopter flew directly over his house at about 3500 ft. altitude coming from the same direction the triangle UFO had been heading when it departed. He said this helicopter had no lights on it! This is in serious violation of FAA regulations, especially as this was within a fifteen-mile radius of the Memphis airport. He said that not even military aircraft can turn their lights off unless it is a combat situation. He did say he was able to see a dim light in the cockpit of the chopper. And he also said that it was a single prop and at least 80% certain that it was a Bell Jet Ranger which is used by not only the military but also by the police and hospitals.

[This pilot sent an e-mail after the interview with a link to some video footage of the Belgium triangle UFO that many observed flying in the night skies of that country in the early 90's and stated that this was exactly what he saw.]

If there are any other witnesses who on the night of November 24th. saw this triangle UFO in the Memphis area, please e-mail the Memphis UFO Examiner.




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