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UFO allegedly lands on farm in Argentina
Mr Riviora stands inside the puzzling circles created by heat.
UFO allegedly lands on farm in Argentina

UFO allegedly lands on farm in Argentina

January 26, 2009
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The two circles shown above are either marks on the ground left behind by a UFO and therefore represent one of the most significant UFO related incidents to occur over the last few months or the remains of a hoax and therefore of no more value than the cow pats that surround them.

At 3 AM on January 14 2009 Argentinean farmer Nestor Rivoira and his wife Sara Fernandez of Arroyo Leyes, Santa Fe, were woken up by a loud noise coming from their paddock. The couple later described the sound as being similar to that of a blow torch. Nestor tried to get out of bed to see what was going on outside but claims that a mysterious force disabled him temporarily. Nestor also remembers that his normally brave guard dogs sounded like they were scared of whatever they encountered that night.

Only two days later did Nestor and Sara decide go out to inspect the area they thought the sound came from. What they found left them baffled: Two perfect circles one inside the other, the outer circle measuring three meters in diameter and both circles three centimeters deep. The indented area was completely burnt out with only dry dirt remaining. It appeared that the marks were created by something radiating heat.

The couple at first dismissed any ideas that the circles might have been created by a UFO, however friends and neighbors who saw the marks felt that they were of mysterious origin.

Did a spaceship land on Mr. Rivoira's farm or are some local hoaxers sending them around in circles? Argentina is in the middle of a massive UFO flap with almost daily sightings and photo's emerging. Did a technical problem force one of the many UFOs being seen in the region to make an unscheduled landing?




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