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UFO: Radar shows large, fast, unexplained object in Texas

July 15, 2008
Associated Press

FORT WORTH, Texas - Radar documents examined by a UFO group stir up thoughts of an enormous aircraft without transponders traveling up to 2,100 miles-per-hour in Texas.

Kenneth Cherry is with the Mutual UFO Network, which has been studying phenomenon earlier this year in Stephenville and Dublin.

Cherry says the documents show ample evidence of unidentified flying object activity.

He says some of the information involves something "turning at angles not possible by military aircraft."

The group requested documents from the Federal Aviation Administration, military bases and other agencies under the Freedom of Information Act.

FAA spokesman Roland Herwig says he hasn't seen radar information and could not comment.

MUFON requested reports from the night of January 8th. That's when several dozen people in Texas dairy country reported seeing a large silent object with bright lights flying low and fast.

After talking to witnesses, MUFON investigators ended up looking into 300 reported UFO sightings spanning several weeks and said most were probably planets, cloud formations or stars.



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