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Mysterious object is a return visitor to Liverpool

August 2, 2007
Trinity Mirror - Wales

Had something its size taken off at high speed, a sonic bang would have rocked Merseyside, but no such boom was reported.

Lee's account is just one of many reports I have received, describing what might be one and the same gargantuan UFO.

Earlier this year in January, a Mr Fraser of Childwall was taking a nightly stroll down Menlove Avenue when he noticed several lights in the sky.

Mr Fraser quickly realised these pinpoints of light were on some darker circular object of an enormous size.

The huge disc-shaped UFO moved slowly from the direction of Halewood across the sky, and Mr Fraser and a female passer-by watched it head towards Netherley.

That same week, a geometric formation of lights was seen over Huyton, Page Moss, Dovecot and Broadgreen.

One witness, a pizza-delivery man, said he saw a 'giant round object in the sky with a mixture of coloured lights' which he estimated to be about the size of the metropolitan cathedral.

The person he delivered the pizza to also saw this object and tried to video it.

Throughout June, this same colossal UFO seems to have been seen by people in the Dingle, Aigburth, Grassendale and Hunt's Cross, and all these sightings were of a night.

A retired local policeman named Colin and an aviation expert from Runcorn named Greg have joined forces to get to the bottom of the giant UFO sightings, and initially believed the reports were misidentifications of the planet Venus, misinterpretations of aircraft landing and navigation lights and so on, but now they accept that these explanations do not pan out.

Electronics enthusiast Greg has built his very own radar unit using satellite dishes, and has even obtained data on the mysterious mammoth UFO.

He has ascertained that it is almost a mile in length and hovers at an altitude of around 7,000 feet.

His colleague Colin was a confirmed sceptic until he saw the UFO during a 'skywatch' vigil with five other people at Tarbock Green.

'It blocked out the stars when it came into view at 3am,' says Colin.




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