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Former Canadian Defense Minister Says Alien Technology May Save Earth

March 1, 2007
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Ottawa, Canada - A former Canadian defense minister is demanding that world governments disclose alien technology that could be used to solve the problem of climate change, a local newspaper has said. Hellyer, who served as defense minister in former prime minister Lester Pearson's cabinet in 1963, says knowing the fuel technology used by alleged aliens for driving their saucers or UFOs could eliminate the burning of fossil fuels thus saving the planet from the perils of climate change.

"I would like to see what (alien) technology there might be that could eliminate the burning of fossil fuels within a generation ... that could be a way to save our planet," the 83-year-old Hellyer, a public UFO advocate since 2005, told the Ottawa Citizen.

Hellyer said the governments should come forward and disclose the alien technology obtained during alleged UFO crashes. His appeal was in reference to the mysterious 1947 incident in Roswell, New Mexico, when the military officials declared having recovered a crashed "flying disc," a statement that was later annulled.

"We need to persuade governments to come clean on what they know. Some of us suspect they know quite a lot, and it might be enough to save our planet if applied quickly enough," he told the paper.

Hellyer will be discussing his views at the upcoming screening of a new UFO documentary called Fastwalkers, which according to the paper features more than 30 witnesses testifying to the reality of alien visitations.

The documentary will be screened at Toronto's De La Salle College Theatre on March 7.





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