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Mysterious cattle mutilations investigated in northeast Georgia
Associated Press - Sat Jan 16, 2016
BRASELTON, Ga - Authorities in northeast Georgia have a mystery on their hands after cows were found mutilated, with neatly-cut circles sliced into their rear ends. More»

Couple Hunts Serial Cow Killer
WSB-TV - Thu Sep 30, 2010
HALL COUNTY, Georgia - A Hall County family has spent nearly a year searching for answers in the mutilation deaths of their cattle. More»

Unexplained sheep attacks 'caused by aliens in UFOs', farmers claim
The Telegraph - Sun Apr 4, 2010
A series of bizarre incidents involving sheep in Shropshire have led to farmers' claims that aliens are attacking their livestock. More»

Bizarre calf mutilations found on Colorado ranch
Associated Press - Thu Nov 26, 2009
SAN LUIS, Colorado - A creepy string of calf mutilations in southern Colorado has a rancher and sheriff's officials mystified. More»

Mysterious Horse Deaths Raise Theories About UFOs
Associated Press - Wed Jan 4, 2006
RUSH, Colorado - Cattle rancher Clyde Chess never learned who - or what - killed his heifer 11 years ago, removing its lips, tongue, ears, heart and reproductive organs with laserlike precision. More»

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