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Alien Encounters

Alien Encounters

by Nick Pope

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Year: 2012
Category: UFOs


Alien Encounters from around the world! in this exciting issue:

Astronauts and UFOs
The implication is that UFOs are seen only by those who lack formal education and cannot tell the difference between a bird and something genuinely unknown. Try telling this to some of our most respected hero"s of the modern era, those who dared to take the first, dangerous, steps into the heavens, and came face to face with the unknown.

The Secret Report Ordered by General Douglas MacArthur.

It was summer of 1979. Lynda Jones a thirty six year old housewife from Didsbury, Manchester UK was in her kitchen when she received a telephone call from an old friend. Lynda arranged a meeting and over a long leisurely lunch she and her friend chatted about the old days and lost acquaintances. It wasn't long before Trevor, (Lynda's Husband) had to leave for work.

Westall UFO Incident
In 1966, a small town in Australia was visited by a flying disc which was seen by over 200 witnesses. The strange object was seen to temporarily land before silently lifting and flying off. Army and government officials soon arrived in hope of keeping the story quiet...

Rendlesham UFO Papers Missing!
Intelligence papers on a reported UFO sighting known as the "Rendlesham incident" have gone missing, files from the National Archives reveal. The missing files relate to a report of mysterious lights from US servicemen at RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk in 1980.


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