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Planet X - Nibiru
Planet X shown from the towercam atop Mt. Wilson Observatory.

Planet X - Nibiru

Mt. Wilson Observatory

One of the funniest instances from the previous "Planet X" saga occurred back in 2003. Nancy Lieder had for some time been posting ordinary sunrise/sunset pictures containing reflections, lens flare, or the occasional sundog as visual "proof" that both Nibiru and our doom were close. She then started grabbing still images from stationary webcams at a number of locations and either misinterpreted or, most likely, misrepresented similarly mundane things in the imagery to be "Planet X."

One day she got the bright idea to use images from the towercam atop Mt. Wilson Observatory, claiming that a simple reflection was actually Nibiru visible in the night sky. The staff at UCLA got wind of this and obliged her.

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