Nobody Likes Burned Toast.

Anonymous Coward
2/12/2018 10:25 pm EST
2/13/2018 3:25 am GMT

Nobody Likes Burned Toast.

They never stop thinking about ways to burn toast. And
neither do we.

2/12/2018 10:59 pm EST
2/13/2018 3:59 am GMT

RE: Nobody Likes Burned Toast.

Amazingly deep..

Anonymous Coward
2/13/2018 12:40 am EST
2/13/2018 5:40 am GMT

RE: Nobody Likes Burned Toast.

You can scrape the burnt part off.
Thought you should know this pro-tip

Anonymous Coward
2/13/2018 11:22 am EST
2/13/2018 4:22 pm GMT

RE: Nobody Likes Burned Toast.

i like wet toast

Uncle Pico
2/13/2018 1:14 pm EST
2/13/2018 6:14 pm GMT

RE: Nobody Likes Burned Toast.

Secret coded messages.......I love some insider talk.

I wish I had a decoder ring, or a goofy ass invitation to be part of a group of jack ass losers, pretending their on a dangerous special mission to valiantly engage in voyeurism in violation of all The Constitutional Law (hint: for idiots, this references the caselaw, where judges interpreted the obviously deficient US Constitution easily criticized as being vaguely implying rights, liberty interests, etc.).

I wish I was an overpaid punk tit vulture selfishly avoiding meaningful work or valuable creation of work conforming like a cheap little thug street gang banger in tough guy f-ggot land..............and all you have to do is reduce yourself to Projection leading to Scapegoating.

Just blame the target..........anything goes.

It's fun to socialize around hate and compartmentalized seeded info.........while also avoiding any kind of due process.

Leading this the shameless, historically dangerous, low life ferries known as THE FBI.


All butt buddies with other gumshoe slimeball felony criminals like tough guy Janklow crony MARC "lockpick felon" TOBIAS, ret Gen KELLY (stove piping info from Trump's eyes so he gets removed or indicted for something he didn't do) and GROOMED HERMAN MUENSTER PUPPET PSYCHOPATH, ROBERT S "the S is for Swindle" MUELLER, III.

Anonymous Coward
2/14/2018 6:34 pm EST
2/14/2018 11:34 pm GMT

RE: Nobody Likes Burned Toast.

Pan fry, hard to fuckup.

Great toast.

Tommy the fried toast bug
2/15/2018 10:02 am EST
2/15/2018 3:02 pm GMT

RE: Nobody Likes Burned Toast.

..."Of late there have been complaints to the FDA about the new implantable
Verichip, that it causes cancer-like tumors around the location of the
implant. In one noteworthy example, former Wisconsin governor/ HHS secretary
Tommy Thompson, had to have his chip removed. (Thompson is on the Board of
Directors of Applied Digital Solutions, the maker of the Verichip, and had a
Verichip implanted in himself, as a publicity stunt.)

The Bible says that those who take the Mark of the Beast will suffer from
horrible boils. I perceive this as meaning that their bodies will attempt to
reject the artificial implant. Since these chips will be beaming information,
they no doubt will be causing a lot of local irradiation that the body will not
appreciate. Other types of artificial implants, such as knee and hip
replacements - - strictly mechanical in nature - - don't seem to provoke such


Note: after he, the toast posted an offer to go gun to gun with no witnesses, at another site monitored by Pluta at SD DHS....they continued intrusive torture.

Toast fried in a pan refers to the DEW weaponry used to poison and kill slowly using the Verichip to locate and identify targets in homes-buildings.

The torture and sleep deprivation is on.

Fat boy punk Brad Seiler at SD US Attorneys is convinced that torture of US citizens to tickle the wire is somehow more legal than civil rights.

Security-torture trumps privacy and freedom from assault to provoke then punish.

Trump will be dethroned puppet up.

If the torture ray gun doesn't fry and slow kill.....then the FISA ordered chip will cause cancerous lesions.

Of course Fed Judges and US attorneys have no criminal or civil liability...even if a TI could get close enough to litigating past Military Detention signed by Obama, after he said he wouldn't allow the law to pass his desk.'s more torture from FBI-DHS working with CIA-DIA-ONI contractors.

It's all on Seiler-Pluta in South Dakota....after they protected the cat killing.

He's got no choice but to arm himself and kill the gang stalkers: sport and hobby and entertainment for pigs and fed punk scum....all protecting Bob Mueller, so Trump gets impeached or assassinated (that's the script, maybe).

Prior to Congress legalizing "entrapment using DEW assaults and gang stalking"........The FBI always contracted and protected torture-gang stalking by Feds working with contract goons ( Dick Wilson and The G. O. O. N. S).

The GOONs were activated by the SD shadow military in Sioux Falls, SD.

They pose as snow plow operators......used to menace and jam up targets in court based on Brady violations predicated on state secrets???!!!!

That's how Brad Seiler operates as Obama's gate keeping punk joker with little Steven Pluta at SD DHS.

2/15/2018 10:34 am EST
2/15/2018 3:34 pm GMT

RE: Nobody Likes Burned Toast.

It's mister six figure salary at SD DHS who coordinates COIN in SD.

COIN meets Project SLAMMER comes from the fed building in sewer falls, SD.

It was FBI who used contractors to run the entrapment mind control program so FBI under Mueller could misdirect FISA into signing a secret invasive warrant that pseudo legalized an involuntary surgical insertion of a VERICHIP in Thomas Bean's head, while he was asleep in his own home.

FBI Minneapolis-Sioux Falls SD.....did this as a bogus counter intelligence operation stamped by fuck face Bob Mueller.

Mueller and Pluta did this after Bean sent The DOJ OIG complaint that tripped NSA scandal in 2005-Thomas Tamm.

FBI under Mueller-Pluta considered reporting of civil rights and RICO felonies as..........a terroristic threat by a foreign power. So they manufactured behavior using the technology that created all the school shooters and all the framed patsies ( none of whom got due process in a compartmentalized prosecution supervised by FBI scheming punks).

FBI punks also made sure that strangers tied to Thomas Bean were murdered for profit in Quartzite, Arizona.

The FBI counter Intel cunt ( Dinkens?) showed up in Quartzite to obstruct justice while also working with an idiot US make sure prosecutors at DOJ didn't get too close to all the facts that FBI conveniently omits from their bogus FISA CT applications.

Mueller was in charge of the Salt Lake City FBI contractor who was photographed in Quartzite, Az....before the heart attack murder of the Korean laundromat owner.

Again, a GOP congress won't investigate to go after Mueller to protect Trump from charges???!!!!!

More proof of how lost and weak Trypump is as a swamp drainer.

2/15/2018 10:47 am EST
2/15/2018 3:47 pm GMT

RE: Nobody Likes Burned Toast.

Notice that lying fags at Minneapolis FBI.......never wanted a free interview of Bean after thirty years of COIn?

FBI rationalizes their way around civil rights by manufacturing a counter intelligence fraud using contractors that FBI doesn't interview:

Rick face murderer and ONI swamp punk Bob Mueller walked away with 152,000,000$ after successfully tarnishing Bean as an agent of a foreign power?

FBI interviewed Wen Ho Lee...but not Bean, a cooperating source of info on Allan Doering's knowledge concerning The SD detonators used by FBI slimebag Danny Coulson and light em up Larry Potts, when they blew up The Murray Building in OK CITY.

These are facts that fat boy Obama-Trump swamp rat Brad Seiler likes to ignore with house negro Holder (paid off with 70,000,000$ briber).

You can't drain a swamp filled with rats, if you cannot turn on the water pumps to move water out of the way.

You lose America, because a punk fed lowlife named Bob Mueller has his butt buddies at FBI protecting the false flag at Murray building.

Slow kill murder of witnesses is what FBI-PLUTA-WRAY-TRUMP....does so well.

FBI-DOJ are swamp rats that subverted and infiltrated every state......the rats moved so they could spread their vermin and corruption.

Success is failure at FBI HQ.

America doesn't have a clue.

Solution by FBI: fry toast to keep it all silent.

Silence or a din of truth? Doesn't matter.

Power concedes nothing without a subpoena and an honest prosecutor and TRUMP has not fired Obama cartoon Brad "fat boy" SEILER at SD US Attorneys.

TRUMP is misdirected by ONI butt buddy of ONI murderer Bob Mueller?

Now what?

Mauser says Fuck You from grave
2/17/2018 5:32 am EST
2/17/2018 10:32 am GMT

RE: Nobody Likes Burned Toast.

FBI and SD US Attorneys have never once...subpoenaed or arrested or prosecuted any contract gang stalker.....for the last 30 years.

Even when obvious murders were facilitated by FBI HQ under Mueller in command of FBI DITU who sent info to NSA to locate, identify and target my known associates for murder...because they might file a civil suit..........THERE WAS NO RESPONSE FROM THE JUG HEAD PUNK MILITARIZED WISE GUY NAMED BRENDON JOHNSON, or Jackley, or Seiler.

Gatekeepers.......counting their pay off bribe the form of a six figure lawyer job?

PLUTA fuck.......six figures...head of SD DHS.

TAPKEN....six figures....Dept of Ag lawyer...moved to DC.

Who else?

Bob Mueller...stole 152, 000,000$ from me.

And......he's charging Ruskies now, while Trump pretends he's in the cross hairs....when in fact.....Trump knows it's all theatre and scripted.

Anonymous Coward
2/17/2018 6:31 am EST
2/17/2018 11:31 am GMT

RE: Nobody Likes Burned Toast.

What would be the true alternative then? To just eat the bread or manna without much stress or heat?

2/20/2018 3:32 am EST
2/20/2018 8:32 am GMT

RE: Nobody Likes Burned Toast.

Steam bread dough

Steamed bread...Taiwanese food

Google that


Kali Yantra