Submitted To Operation Disclosure Anonymously

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Submitted To Operation Disclosure Anonymously

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously

The Guest on our BBS show a week ago Thursday was St. Germain. He had a message for everyone:

"Your country is being attacked. Your President is being attacked. YOU are being attacked. What are YOU going to do about it?"

"You" of course means each of us, including me.

Last night it was Lady Sophia, Creator Goddess. Her message was: Protect your hope! That means to me that it's not wise to lose hope or feel that things are going badly. They are going great! IF you have been paying attention.......

Why things have picked up speed the last 3 weeks: The Crimson Council of masters and angels, headed by St. Germain, in a January meeting determined that of the 4,000 or so members, 1,100 wanted to delay the speed of changes on earth and the rest wanted to move forward fast. The 1,100 who disagreed with the plan to move forward swiftly, decided to form their own sub-council. They did, with everyone's blessing. BL: things started happening MUCH FASTER once that split took place.

So much happening.......this is a tiny sampling.....most of this info comes from the "other side of the veil" and thus is more trustworthy than the best humans can do at this time.

"The Alliance": true. In 2015 Bill Clinton came to Trump and encouraged him to run. Bill was sure Hillary was going to announce soon, and he knew her very well: terrible temper/anger, incurable rare brain disease which was diagnosed in 2013, lashing out at people who worked for her, her body count, emotional instability, etc. He said the whole family would be destroyed by her running/being elected, and all the dirt being exposed and the family would be destroyed. He did not want that. His shortcomings were massive (Mena airport drug runs, body count in Arkansas, his sexual activities and more) but I've always felt he had a "good, decent" piece inside and he did do some positive things as POTUS. She was full reptilian but he was only 1/2. Then later Trump added Rudy Guillani and the head of Newsweek to the Alliance. All were friends and had been for years. Newsweek is mostly print, not TV news, and is a media empire. Head guy was conflicted and "hedged his bets" by printing Time the week prior to the election with her on the cover as Pres. Had to trash those copies of course. Bill died in November 2016 of AIDS related issues. Hillary died the night of Sept 11, 2016.

The above is why Trump stated at one point that he would not prosecute the Clintons. He did NOT say that one reason is they both had died. Who can prosecute dead people? Also, he had told Bill he would not, and was keeping his word.

There's a second memo coming out soon, and it's as powerful as the first. There are 9 memos and we the public will see 4 of them. The other 5 will be kept private, as of now.

We are up to over 13,000 announced sealed indictments, headed for 20,000 +. Arrests already made are about 40,000 and counting. BLESS those on the front lines taking these risks.

FISA 4-page memo is just the first of 9. Unredacted copy released. When the sealed envelopes (unredacted) were placed on every Congress' desk, not one Dem opened theirs. Eventually curiosity got to some of them and they HAD to see if their name was on the memo!

Tom Steyer, billionaire in California, is spending his billions to get consultants and Demo candidates lined up and elected in November, to take over the House and impeach Trump. He will be "taken care of" .....

The 5G network everyone is panicked about....breathe. Trump is well aware of the nasty plan, and is letting it go forward because he plans on using it for good, for the people. Yes, it is possible to use it for good.

Kissinger has surrendered. More cab-l are realizing they may have to give up the ghost also.

About 10% of the Senate and 2% of the House are save-able. The rest will be gone one way or another.

Trump is the first POTUS to ever go to Davos annual meeting. HUGE courage! (POTUS Reagan spoke via video.) His message was re the global economy: correct it, not dump it. And a level playing field, every country being in financial balance with all others, everyone play fair, all sovereign countries are honored. Since most people attending were cab-l, and THEIR agenda is how to get rid of Trump so their globalist NWO agenda can get going again, he made a much bigger impact than he anticipated. Some conversions! Real movement...."this guy makes sense." Also, the US flag behind Trump had NO gold fringe!

Same for SOTU speech....NO gold fringe. That is huge. Yes, many in the chamber noticed this.

Super Bowl half-time show was visually ok, but the words were all satanistic. Those in the live audience could hear the words much better than those watching TV. 73% were turned off because the consciousness is higher now than in previous years. So the satanists did not get the effect they wanted or intended. Failure! Justin showed his true colors.

By the end of 2018 all the nasties will be under control, off planet or in prison. Not all the reptilians will be gone and there may be a few cab-l minions here and there.

The UST is pretty clean now.

The EVENT will raise all of humanity's vibes. Many will get it and change course. It is possible for 2018.

The train wreck with so many who voted for releasing the FISA memo, headed for Green Briar, a safe place, was mitigated by 4 Galactic civilizations who came together and kept the rear wheels of the engine on the track. That was the key to it not being the disaster it was intended to be. The cab-l planned to kill a couple hundred key Congress people and their family members.

The booms and shock waves being heard/felt around the globe are of 2 sources: 1) DUMBs (deep underground military bases that were cab-l) being taken out, or 2) clearings by the good guys in low earth orbit areas. Reno "earthquake swarm" is not earthquake stuff, it's bases being cleared.

Shutdown for 3 days was to arrest 30-40+ nasties, as Congresspersons lose immunity when the gov't is shut down. Trump ended the shutdown with a very clever method, never used before, totally legal.

"10 days of darkness" means the good guys are dealing with/arresting so many dark-consciousness people. They are wisely working from the bottom up so each will rat on a superior in order to save self. Arrests are going very well. There are still so many dark ones to deal with.

Pelosi is toast and knows it, and is wearing an ankle bracelet. Adam Schiff does not know he is toast and will soon be wearing same.

The more the DC swamp gets drained, the safer the humanitarian funds become....and can be distributed. From several major sources. So we and Trump are on track!

Less than 1% globally of cab-l are left!

The "Kim - codes" info emails are BS.

General George Washington has reincarnated as a general in Trump's team. He succeeded at the first American revolution, now here to help with the second!

Trump in a private meeting with either Congressional leaders or all of Congress has told them of changes coming in the near future, such as no Congress at all. 1/3 said "I don't believe it", and 2/3 are scrambling to make plans. They will receive some severance package but not their permanent full retirement as has been the case historically. (Did you know they all get their full salary permanently? With just one term.)

Re VP Pence: Trump is between a rock and a hard place. Pence is a pedophile and was put in the VP slot because the deep state planned to take out Trump, then Pence would be pres and the globalist/depopulation/NWO agenda could keep on truckin'. Possible plan is to out Pence prior to the new governance being announced, so that Pence does not get a free pass, because of the VP slot no longer existing once the new governance is announced.

Emery Smith, the courageous man whose video interview described the horrendous situations under the huge Kirkland base in New Mexico: he has been taken out. He knew that he would be taken out, even though he broke zero rules nor NDAs, and he was ready to go. He'd had it with the nasty stuff he had dealt with for years. He could have asked for protection and stayed.

The US Corp bankruptcy potential will continue to be kicked down the road. Probably until the new governance is going to be announced.

The Zuma satellite is just fine. Not lost. It has goodies in it, secretly, that will benefit humanity.

Potter, Kauila and others are off base on the Hawaii missile and on China being nasty. There are cab-l factions in China and Xi does not have control of them.....yet. Xi is a good guy. There was NO Hawaii missile! It's been reported that the guy who hit the button had been a problem employee for 10 years. He was a cab-l minion, maybe reptilian, and they are well trained to do civil nuisance activities to harass, but not to cross the line into criminal actions. This came out with the Trump directive to fire federal employees not doing their jobs. The only accurate report is from Thomas Williams/Paine.

The Super Bowl half time program.....they changed security companies to a better private firm. And to a new management company that ran the event in Manchester, England, where some died. Fortunately there were no messes created this year.

The Pentagon has been told to plan a military parade in WDC. It's Trump's plan to honor the military, their efforts and sacrifices, and to thank them for being key to draining the swamp and other clearing activities that benefit the American people.

Sean Hannity's twitter went down, then came back up, in response to his sane comments. Twitter will go away.

Any "marches" or meetings that focus on one group as opposed to another group (ex: women's rights, men's rights, black rights, etc.) are basically cab-l agenda of separation, divisiveness. How about everyone's rights? The cab-l is very clever as to how they pull you into their agenda.

Dolores Cannon's/Allison Coe on "The Event" is genuine and recommended. Probably first quarter of 2018.

Joe Arpaio's plan for the DACA has some merits. It's basically to deport all illegals with a special pass, to come back in 6 months if they want and be fast-tracked, go to the head of the line, for citizenship, but they have to do it legally and not on a free pass like has been the situation. This allows them the gift of getting to know their heritage, their original country, their extended families there. And then to choose what they want and do it properly. Trump's announced 4 Pillar program is similar.

The "border wall" is not about building the wall. It's a message that sovereign countries need to take care of their own, and that youngsters need to know their own heritage and extended families. Then have the ability to move to another country but ONLY by doing it legally, melding into the culture like others did and do (especially from Europe in the 1800s and early 1900s), understanding our culture and being part of our "melting pot". Adapting to the country they choose. Not isolating themselves in their own conclaves, like they don't even live in America.

The waters receding/disappearing around the world (not due to tides) and the blue flashes and the meteors and various other unusual events: these are just messages to humanity that this is not "business as usual". New stuff afoot, many changes here and coming. The blue flashes over Russia specifically are Pleiadians saying HELLO!

Pope Francis was put in as a good guy to clean and then close the Vatican and release the wealth to the people in some way. Pressures -> he turned. Just like Obum, started good and then did a 180. Francis' biggest feeling when all sorts out will be of regret, regret that he bought into the turn. No guts. Probably will not be killed. Neither is a clone now. O will not go quietly into the night, will bitch loudly.

The black knight satellite that was put up 2 years ago is a nasty. The Antarctica satellite is monitoring and is by the nasties. They are in their death throes.

New head of the FDA, Gottlieb, is a good guy and not vulnerable to cab-l. Also not controversial so there's been almost no news about him. A presidential appointment. His first action was to release some of FDA's own research that shows vaccines as currently done/pushed are dangerous, research that was buried.

Erik Prince is a nasty which Trump knows well, but Trump is using him to get some things accomplished that are important. Erik wants the money more than he wants to deny Trump's agenda.

There are spaceships around the sun. Venus did damage SOHO.

There's massive changes afoot RIGHT NOW! Good stuff.......

Mary Sherritt Russell
Sovereign and StarSeed / Crystal

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RE: Submitted To Operation Disclosure Anonymously


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RE: Submitted To Operation Disclosure Anonymously

"Also, the US flag behind Trump had NO gold fringe!

Same for SOTU speech....NO gold fringe. That is huge. Yes, many in the chamber noticed this."

100% horse crap! That was the chamber's backdrop flag. It's the same one they always use.

From 2015:36

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RE: Submitted To Operation Disclosure Anonymously



sananda, st germain, are all, "cosmic-christs" and they, are my favorite enemy! im the anti-christ, the anti-cosmic-christ,
i neeed, to eat germain, i neeeeeeeeed to eat sananda,

hippys. planetary krists, i HATE krists, ooooweeeee, we draconians have been embedded here for THOUSANDS of years, awaiting this era, ravers, trance parties, all just initiation ceremonies for the mystery religions, and TARGET NUMBER 1.

MWHAAHHAAHAHAAAAA yesssssss come matreya, show yer face, we want to catch you, and sloly sacrifice you, infroona everyone, their great "one" the one alice bailey spoke of, is booked for ritual sacrifice, imagine all these "lightworkers" joy, when matreya comes, and the anti-christ catches him, and guts him and eats his heart in FRONT OF THE WHOLE WORLD, how fkn cool would that be?? that would be very fkn cool, i LOVE beating up hippys, its why i got house-arrest now, assualt GBH, with attempted murder etc, an all i got was a suspended, which expires in july, mwhahahaaa, so, wether or i get my blackwings makes no diff, july, hippys will cry agin, and this time, i dont turn myself in to infiltrate the prison to make more friends, no, this time, i just put all my stories on liveleak, again.

The hunt is soon on, and lightworkers, omf, when i get access to me dublooons, i shall pay handsomely for leads.

the vikings, HATE hippys. a LOT. they our favorite prey

"i did not think it too many"

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RE: Submitted To Operation Disclosure Anonymously

LIGHTWORKERS! i has a song for YOU!

"i did not think it too many"

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RE: Submitted To Operation Disclosure Anonymously

LIGHTWORKERS! i has a song for YOU!

thats planetary krist kaen daek, aka daktaklakpak in the video.

"i did not think it too many"





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