Its Monday The Stock Market Is +446

Anonymous Coward
2/12/2018 4:05 pm EST
2/12/2018 9:05 pm GMT

Its Monday The Stock Market Is +446

What happend to Trump was going to blow up the system? I thought the fed was going to tank the market and everyone was going to blame Trump?

NO NO what happened was the market took a dip just before the Budget bill vote. Somehow the dip in the stock market gets blamed on the NOTHINGBURGER Memo.

Well if it wasnt the memo that caused the oh so scarry dip? Could it be all those black operations and military industrial complex where hinging on that budget bill? Trump signed the budget deal funding waistful spending programs and dark operations.

The Bipartisan fight is not really about DACA They dont give two shits about Illegals. They care about Imperial expansion through military force. That need lots of money to operate boots smashing innocent people's face in some far off foreign land.

Anonymous Coward
2/16/2018 10:10 am EST
2/16/2018 3:10 pm GMT

RE: Its Monday The Stock Market Is +446

There was a mini-correction, I expect everything to be back to normal now.




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