Tell Me Your Story..

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Tell Me Your Story..

Why the fuck are you here?

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RE: Tell Me Your Story..

I decided to take a twenty minute break from doing the laundry and read a little

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RE: Tell Me Your Story..


Anonymous Coward
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RE: Tell Me Your Story..

I have a little time left to spend right now. No biggie.

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RE: Tell Me Your Story..

Thought I'd take a stab at Appolo's thread and guessed a square root of 23rd dimension. Maybe you can answer that persons question. Look right below this thread at you see whats coming?

Anonymous Coward
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RE: Tell Me Your Story..

I don't want to stab a thread here. But there are ONLY 13 dimensions. Which is why that number is revered/hated so often in the occult groups Eve.

2/9/2018 12:45 am EST
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RE: Tell Me Your Story..

Actually, it's a story about elders coming and the beginning of the universe. Beginning of the universe is in the title. That was a interesting story. Guess the square root of the 23rd dimension. heh

Anonymous Coward
2/9/2018 12:47 am EST
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RE: Tell Me Your Story..

There are only 13! So not to be any more stubborn.

2/9/2018 12:47 am EST
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RE: Tell Me Your Story..

What about multi-dimensions and alternate worlds?

Anonymous Coward
2/9/2018 12:51 am EST
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RE: Tell Me Your Story.. I'm telling you.

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RE: Tell Me Your Story..

What if you're wrong?

2/9/2018 1:39 am EST
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RE: Tell Me Your Story..

Who are you talking to?
If you have any question, then you are wrong.

X gonna give it to ya
2/9/2018 1:41 am EST
2/9/2018 6:41 am GMT

RE: Tell Me Your Story..

If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. I honestly don't care at this point to add leaven, if extra. Does it matter much? I think they mention 13 enough already to plant that seed. Just watch it grow to know more. But the knowledge of Jesus is more important! It's what you hearing, listen. It's what you're hearing's what you're hearing...LISTEN!

2/9/2018 1:43 am EST
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RE: Tell Me Your Story..

You're a kid. You all are..

Anonymous Coward
2/9/2018 1:59 am EST
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RE: Tell Me Your Story..

Don't tell me I'm a goat. I am lower than a goat who thinks they are greatest of all time. Humble yourself OP. That's my story of life. To build a muscle, you must break it down first. I am nothing. I am love by somebody though. Do you want to talk more about that?

2/9/2018 2:00 am EST
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RE: Tell Me Your Story..

Not really.

Anonymous Coward
2/9/2018 2:01 am EST
2/9/2018 7:01 am GMT

RE: Tell Me Your Story..

i am here, to help.

i want everyone to "catch up" and realize,
that, on the net, the zetas an other gaylords rant about, "the nobody" and im here to help speed up the realization, that the Nobody is the king, of 2 Esdras 13, and has been on the net for long, and im trying to warn people, without getting in trouble with the Nobody.

i here to announce to coming of the greatest terrorist, to ever live, everrrrr. He is spoken of in the Bible, and in our Celtic "mythology" , it is none other than Cu Chulainn, and if yer Celtic your in for good times. My Tribe, is those from Scotland, Ireland and Scandanavia. all same Tribe. Tribe Benyahmin. our Tribe split into 2, the Celts an Vikings, so we would have more people to fight. Soon, we re-join under the Daughter of the Most High, the Paraclete, also known in Celtic circles as "Danu" the Wisdom of YaHWeH, in human form, and Shes fkn scary as fk. NOw.

LONG AGO. in the Old Testament, there occurred the battle of Gibeah. Where ALL the other tribes, attacked MY TRIBE, and murdered us down to 600 MEN. not one child or woman left.

SO. With this being, Luke 21:22,,, there is REVENGE DUE.

revenge on the other Tribes. 11 Tribes of WHITE PEOPLE.
Ephraim = engerland
many tribes mixed in with Ammonites :America
Issachar: Russia
Judah: Germany (the cunts)
Zebulon: Netherlands, even bigger cunts
Asher: the fkn greeks
Naphtali: the fkn porras
and so on.

MY Tribe...

has a special blessing genesis 49:27.

we ONLY care about WAR and REVENGE.

if one reads Testimony of the 12 Patriarchs, it says in last chapter,. Latter Days is BENYAHMIN TIME.

ie, the "vikings"
and we are brought back to life, for REVENGE.

ALL the other Tribes will face us in war, and we will bring them back into line. After a nice little CULL of course.

o and let me just in one parapgraph, let you understand some names in Bible./

Moab and Ammon.

when Lot (a white guy duurh Abrahams brother) fled sodom with his daughters, they, thought end o the world, they then got dad drunk and fucked him, they each had a son.
one called Moab and one called Ben-Ammi, they, went on to become the WHITE nations of Moab and Ammon,,, INBRED whites, that make up 75% of white people in total.

You know them as "the people of wallmart" in america, "bogans" in autralia, and "freemasons" worldwide.
trump,. is the chief of the sons of ammon.

and to this day, Moab and Ammon, fuck their cousins,

to this day, they look the same.

WE, have ANGULAR blockheads. Prominent Brow, sharp EVEN features, and are pure-blood.

THEY have round heads, short stubby fingers, an very pasty skin,
and look, if you dont know who Edom is by now, xD

mthrfkn moabites, all around us....

THIS is a famous MOABITE from my cuntry:

look how nice his pleather is. a fine handbag he will make.

THAT is a MOABITE. They come in two flavours, the fat round flavor, and the long thin flavour, here is the thin type:

THESE, are the first we go after, then , only after 2 Esdras is fufilled, the king shall kill nato et al, then, we go out and fulfill 1QM.

so, we all spectators for the start.

and just remember, if you like my stories....

i think the only way to put it is...

in song.

That is my message, i have all supporting documentation, ranging from Swedenborg to Lorber, from Abramelin to the grimoire of turiel, from the keys of solomon to the lost books of Moshe, there are no more mysteries.

we wait , for when the matreya to show his stupid face, so we can sacrifice him. That outta upset the hippys. xD

we are soon at war with the catholics, and ALLLLL sunday xians, are CATHOLIC. baptist methodist blah blah blah.

Soon we are free, and we will begin robbing and persecuting sunday churches, soon as black sun comes. just like 1000 years ago, the RE STARTING OF THE VIKING CONQUEST OF THE WORLD> thats what im here to announce.

and the ONLY warning the commoners got, was technoviking...

thats my cousin btw.

we party hard.
HARD. and we are more than legion.

i say unto ye all:

enjoy the show, starts pretty soon, gotta wait for the bards to finish tour an go back home.

they inform MY Tribe, cause ONLY my Tribe likes Sabaton, Amon Amarth, Ensiferum et al. our ENTIRE story, is in their songs, and thru the bard song, my Tribe worldwide, is informed.


the lyrics to above song..... very important, i dont put it, those who neeed to know what he says, look it up. Youll find it s the same story. Specially if,,,, "Ohdinn" is just another Name for the Unknown God.. the God of gods.. well, then, then there is big shit. for i know JaHWeHShua by another Name, He who hung upon the cursed tree, a sacrifice of Himself , to Himself, Ohdinn, God of the old testament, is my ELOHAY. and He promises REVENGE.

So, wonder how happy the sons of Ohdinn will be, when they FINALLY figger it out.... That the God of gods came to earth, to show everyone how Nice He is, and they promptly MURDERED HIM.

,,, and every single person, who wears a "cross" must be paid back. every single person, who thinks the death of Ohdinn, "saved them" from having to keep the Law, must be bled out.

and now you know.

cool huh?

GEN-O-CIDE. the best of the ciders.

SO, to sum up, .. PANIC ....


no not really,. we all just spirits here to learn, and mortem pro joko habent and all that, this is just the best chapter we going into now, thats all,.

great fun ahead.


2/9/2018 2:01 am EST
2/9/2018 7:01 am GMT

RE: Tell Me Your Story..

But you can..

2/9/2018 2:03 am EST
2/9/2018 7:03 am GMT

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RE: Tell Me Your Story..

oops! forgot to sign in! too high!
and like, duuuuurh, im the only one here who writes a paragraph or more.

"i did not think it too many"


Anonymous Coward
2/9/2018 2:09 am EST
2/9/2018 7:09 am GMT

RE: Tell Me Your Story..

cats in the cradle with a silver sppooooooooon

2/9/2018 2:10 am EST
2/9/2018 7:10 am GMT

RE: Tell Me Your Story..

What kind of drugs?

2/9/2018 10:20 am EST
2/9/2018 3:20 pm GMT

RE: Tell Me Your Story..

Came to witness evil. Stayed for the good.


2/9/2018 10:40 am EST
2/9/2018 3:40 pm GMT

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RE: Tell Me Your Story..

Jb asked..:

"RE: Tell Me Your Story..

What kind of drugs?"

o lordy, um, lots? well back in the day.
when i was in middle school, it was solvent abuse. white-out thinners, benzine , paint stripper, etc. (as a result, half my brain is balsa wood and i cant remember stuff so good, i remember me Books tho, so, fucks given, zeroooo) then, after school, from age 18-28 was VODKA. 2 bottles a day average, and in years 19-23 yrs old, THOUSANDS of doses of lsd, also, the speed-ballin, and the shnarfing of much cocaine, o lordy, LOTS.mdma? o thats bad for me, makes me wanna kill people. then i died the rockstar death at 28, went to hell, got booted out for breaking the "no having fun" rule, was told to "tell the about Sabbath" did so, by 2010 me whole land was Sealed, was on the teeevee an everything, since then i have been saturating my bloodstream with cannabis, i smoke grand daddy purple, like old ladies who chainsmoke, smoke cigarrettes, i fkn smoke a lot man, a LOT,
went thru a phaze where the licking of frogs was rad, as all our frogs here are bufu toads, now im like yaaaawn.

Nothing beats tamacco. my new thing is just eating a tablespoon of pure hash oil, and then yer super duper high,.


what has happened out there???
!!!!!!!! the NEW "modern drugs" aka RC's,, research chemicals... make the old drugs, look like coffee creamer!

alpha pvp! crystal meth! CAT!!FLAKKA! faaaaaaaak.... dude PETROL is a more legit drug! FFS!!!

but i think, the drug that had the most lasting effect on me, was the solvent abuse, my short term memory is faaaaaaaaaaked, xD if we did not have Princess, this whole thing would be a collosal fkup. and maths? oy vey no,

and again, thank you for a DELIGHTFUL forum, have a song aboot solvent abuse! :D

Lacquer Head! one of my more secret funny names xD

ive stopped that long since, my remaining braincells , i need xD

"i did not think it too many"


2/9/2018 1:52 pm EST
2/9/2018 6:52 pm GMT

RE: Tell Me Your Story..

Oh, ok..
Well I was born on a small island called saltspring. Had a pretty typical life..ripped of my foot when I was eighteen..
Not really the conformer 33 I woke up to something I had been missing the whole time. I had a conversation, with out any words being spoken... now, everyday is a new adventure, seeing where were going to go. Sadly I've regressed to destruction and abuse of I've had enough of the games, and am forcing the hand..

2/9/2018 3:11 pm EST
2/9/2018 8:11 pm GMT

RE: Tell Me Your Story..

You don't mind if I quote you right?

I wanna make another thread with THIS as the storyline.

(Any mutliation makes a better story)

2/11/2018 8:11 pm EST
2/12/2018 1:11 am GMT

RE: Tell Me Your Story..

My American nightmare

New high tech weapons such like radiation material, microwave kill people without trace, leaving death look like heart attack, blood cancer, etc.

In 1991, because an acquaintance was arrested for drug smuggling, I was under surveillance by law enforcement agent. They used isotope money as tracer which hurt my health badly. After I complained this I found I was frequently under microwave radiation which cooked my blood, solidified them to form clog, caused severe chest pain. As pressure intensified,I could not bear the torture of EM wave, I went abroad in 1999. There I still was under surveillance of local police. On Mar. 22 2000, attempts of frame me up to a drug case forced me seeking political asylum in Thailand.

What made an U.S. citizen drift abroad and ask for political asylum? The black box practice covered criminal activities of U.S. law enforcement agency. New high tech weapons enable them to murder people without being aware of. To prevent U.S. become a fascist country, an independent organization which can check the conduct of law enforcement agency is necessary.

It was a big case ten years ago.

I was a seller in San Jose Berryessa Flea Market. I sell porcelain figuring. On Sept. 1990, a lady, named Mrs. Chen, came to my stand, saying that she was an importer of porcelain. I bought some merchandise from her because she offered a good price.

On June. 1991, Mrs. Chen was arrested for drug smuggling. The newspaper titled: " Heroin bust called U.S. record".(See San Jose Mercury, 6-21-1991). There was a lot of harassment since then. I was followed, bugged, business turned downward, etc..

1. Psychology intimidation

According to newspaper, the heroin container arrived in on May, 1991. Mrs. Chen was arrested on June 22, 1991 when they opened it. During that one month waiting period, I was stopped by police for three times.

The first time was on Monday, in downtown San Jose. A police car sirened. I stopped, officer came forward, asking me if I knew why he stopped me. I said I did not know. He said that I was speeding. He gave me a ticket after talked to microphone . I didn't argue because I had not notice my speed at that time. But I knew I could not be very fast because it was on 7th Street where the traffic light set for 30 miles. That means if you driving at 30 miles you meet green light all the way, if you past 30, you hit a red light.

Next day was Tuesday, I went to Galt Flea Market early in the morning and arrived there about 6 a.m. The town was still asleep. No people or vehicle in sight. I was stopped by a sirening police car. Same question asked and officer told me I did not stop fully at stop sign. I was very depressing. To my delight, the officer coming back after he talked to microphone, said that he would not give me a ticket.

Within a week, there was a third time. It's inside San Jose Flea Market. Everything repeated. Officer said I was speeding at 15 miles against 5 miles limit. I had worked in Flea Market for 7 years and drove in same way, never had a problem. So did other sellers. The officer smiled at me at last after talked to microphone. Let me go without a ticket. I was so impressed because if they cited me in late two stops, I would have lost my drive license.

Weeks later, Mrs Chen was arrested. Even then I didn't relate two events together. Until about two months late, an article in newspaper touched my mind. It said police sirened signal when a man violated traffic rule. The man did not stop but speeded away in panic. Police searched his car and found drugs. Three times stopped by police within a week happened in time just the heroin container arrived in Mrs. Chen's warehouse. So it was a psychology intimidation test for me. There were many of This kind of harassment late. But compare to isotope money and microwave radiation and fluorescent lamp killing, it's nothing.

2. Infra-scanner, surveillance behind wall

I sell porcelain figuring. After a while, there were quite amount of broken one accumulated. That day, I was sticking the broken part back by using a glue gun. I switched on power so glue stick melted, ready for working. While I was doing my work, my tenant came in to get some food in refrigerator.(I rented out two upstairs bedrooms and shared kitchen with my tenants.) When I worked on second lot, he came again. For the third time, he was rushing down. This rose my attention. I noticed it happened just seconds after I switched on the power. It looked like that was the heat touched off his strange behavior. So I did an experiment. I packed up everything, sitting down, switching on the power of glue gun. Within seconds, he reacted as what I expected. He was embarrassed when he found I was smiling at him and explained that he was hungry. I smiling because I had the feeling a scientist had when making a discovery. The agent found the figure in screen had lit something and thought I was smoking marijuana, order my tenant to check. My tenant, knew nothing about infra-scanner, only reported I was repairing porcelain figuring. None of them was aware of it was caused by an electricity heated glue gun.

Several months later, when I repairing another pile of porcelain, same thing happened again. My tenant felt uneasy as I watching him going up and down. That in last rush down he held an underwear high and explained he was going to wash it.

Later in a newspaper article, a lawyer said it was fascist to use infra-scanner in surveillance. So I know the instrument name. And it is so sensitive that they can use it to discover corpse buried under ground from helicopter. (For the corpse which is just died with residual body temperature)

Infra-scanner can be used to watch people behind wall. If it turns on people, then clothes mean nothing. People become nude. The strange thing is,in a country which is so emphasized on privacy, almost nobody mention it. Media rarely talk about it. Most people even don't know it. In San Jose Mercury News,(Feb 21,2001. pg.18A) there's an article: "Lawyer says police use of Thermal Imagine violates reasonable expectation of privacy" As a matter of fact, they use it 10 years ago already according to my experience. Outwardly, U.S. is a democratic country. Inside, it is tightly controlled by secret police. Although you can easily ridicule President, you rarely hear a voice criticize federal law enforcement agency. Waco is a controversial issue. Many people think FBI's action is murder. What's the result? Nobody takes responsibility. People are intimidated.

3. ISOTOPE MONEY (How agent find cash savings at your home)

I talked about these harassment to people I knew.
A man whom I thought was delivering the word for FBI, said that I should cooperate and suggested me to write check instead of paying cash in trading. I followed his advice. As I didn't go often to the bank, I started to put big notes (100's and 50's) in my left rear pocket of my jeans. Several months later, I couldn't move my left leg. Found the source of pain was at my left hip right beneath the pocket where money kept, I moved the money away and recovered. suspecting it was radioactive money, I stopped to pocket big notes. About 5 months later, my wife planed to visit her parents in China. I started to save money for her trip on my left rear pocket, thinking it wouldn't hurt if just for a short while. But this time, only a few weeks, same thing happened again. I only recovered after taking the money away. Realizing law enforcement agent using radiation material as tracer, which hurt my health badly, I complained but only saw something more serious happened. Microwave radiation is one of them.

By the way, because I am an naturalized U.S. citizen with limit vocabularies, I used word radiation money all the time, until last Sept. I went to Santa Clara D.A.'s office to tell them I worried about a frame up against me. Investigator Tom Johnson used the word 'isotope money'. Then I knew this word. So government knows it. They just deny they use it because it is criminal.

Tracking and wiretapping

At first, I wondered if they would follow me like in movie. Really they did. Different vehicles cross tracking me insistently. And I also noticed that when the original vehicle turned away, the drivers always talked something to a microphone. Then another replacing vehicle soon appeared. After I told this story to other people, I have not seen this scene any more. They bugged my talking and improved their communication. Though I still could identify some vehicles with characters.

4. Burglary and flooding

In San Jose flea market, there were three other people selling same porcelain figuring as me. They are brothers from Viet Nam, named Qian. We bought same merchandise from importer Mao(not Mrs. Chen whom was arrested in drug case).

After drug case happened, the youngest one's house was burglarized. Several thousand dollars cash was stolen. Sometime later, the old brother's house suffered a flooding. The old brother couple was taking a tour in Europe then. The water pipe inside the house broken, and walls soaking in water for days and at last collapsed. Insurance company paid the damage. 'What a curious coincidence.' I thought.'The water pipe broke when people are in vacation.' At this time, I found law enforcement agent use isotope money. So I thought Qian brothers, too, are the victims of law enforcement agent. If so, there should be a third time for young brother.

As I expected, he was hit twice. First, his merchandise was stolen. Then, he had a flood in his house too. He seemed knew it was not a coincidence. Said:'It's all right, anyway, I got a new carpet from Insurance company.'

From my opinion then, government commit more crime than anyone else. And people have to pay the cost. At least they have to pay more insurance fee.

5. Microwave killing

At that time, each Tuesday I went to Galt flea Market which took two hours' driving to get there. I was very sick after driving. I felt dizziness, hot and thirsty. Sometimes there was a chest pain. At first I didn't relate it to driving because chest pain always happened hours later after driving. I worried the new symptoms, but knew nothing what caused it. I noticed an article in newspaper said FBI Lab developed new technique of using microwave as a weapon.

Then in a Tuesday, I was very sick on my way home that I stopped driving for a while. That night, when I was watching TV, my neighbor, an old Taiwaness lady, visited us with a woman. When I turned my sight from TV to them, I found the woman was watching me too. Just at that moment, a severe chest pain attacked me. With eye to eye, I was suddenly aware of it was microwave that sickened me so much. There was no side window on my cargo van, and thus it acted as a microwave oven. After two hours slow cooking (low radiation of microwave), I felt hot and thirsty and the blood cell would die and gradually solidify to form clot, when the clot moving to the heart, a heart attack happened. The procedure took a few hours. It solved another question in my mind. I used to arrive home at 5 pm. At night, I watched eight o'clock's TV. My neighbor always visited us at this time. Puzzled me that "Why she always harasses us at this golden time? She should be more interested in Chinese series than me." Now I knew she was sent to see the result of microwave experiment, to see a heart attack. Next day I went to a metal shop and bought metal sheet to shield the engine cover and instrument panel. It worked. I didn't feel hot and dizziness any more. So when I felt headache at night, I used metal sheet to cover me while I slept.

The condition lasted until 1999 when it became worse. During daytime when I was home alone, I had severe headache and toothache which at last forced me left U.S. on March, 1999.

That's a long story, google it.

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2/12/2018 1:18 am GMT

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RE: Tell Me Your Story..


Well medicated for your protection. ॐ ♡





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