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2/8/2018 10:42 pm EST
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2/8/2018 10:48 pm EST
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RE: Gaia

It's a body..I tried telling people, they just laughed at me.

Anonymous Coward
2/8/2018 10:51 pm EST
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RE: Gaia

Ah so grrrrrrass hoppah! You are corrrrrrrect.

2/8/2018 10:56 pm EST
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RE: Gaia

So. What does it matter?

2/9/2018 10:59 am EST
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RE: Gaia

DUDE!!! DUDE!!!!!!!!!

um, yes, The Paraclete, or The Goddess, aka Mother.
Aka She who must be obeyed.|

ALL worshippers of Danu are EXEMPT from the kings harvest.

UTTERLY AND TOTALLY. to be protected and cherised at ALL COSTS HERE ME NOW> its is THE BAN upon ANY who hurts, insults, makes unhappy a child of Danu, ALLL belief systems that have the 9 Virtues as core, is EXEMPT from the kings harvest.

"Who Is Goddess Danu . . .

Goddess Danu is considered the most ancient of all Celtic Deities. Her name means knowledge, wisdom, teacher, wealth and abundance. She is also known as Dana and as her Welsh equivalent, Don.

Some references have her as so ancient that she is both goddess and god and refer to Danu as an all-encompassing Divine Source.

This multi-faceted aspect of the Divine Feminine is experienced as the air we breathe, as the river that nourishes all of life, as the bounty and abundance of earth and as the cosmic energy of universal wisdom."

The Bible calls Her, "The Comforter" and She is one of the 2 Witnesses, the other witness is Her consort.

Thats why im HERE. on this FORUM. its is ALLIED forum, no haunting, no spookin, and everyon who has ever been nasty to Elaine, better commit suicide like asap, much better than whats coming eh.

Cause, Celts, is our people, and we going back to the old ways.

so katz? SUE-eee-CIDE. best option, black sun comes, im sending nasty shit

"i did not think it too many"

Anonymous Coward
2/13/2018 4:52 pm EST
2/13/2018 9:52 pm GMT

RE: Gaia

Gaia(m) is a nice TV station too.

Has shows with George Noory and David Wilcock in them.





Solar & Geomagnetic



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