How To Escape The Matrix In Lucifer's Universe Built With 64x In Reverse

Lucian Aeli Apollo Zalmoxe
2/8/2018 7:26 pm EST
2/9/2018 12:26 am GMT

How To Escape The Matrix In Lucifer's Universe Built With 64x In Reverse

Plus is minus and minus is plus in the Lucifer's universe
angels are demons and demons are angels

if you have a lot of money you do have a lot of debts to the world and you need to pay them:)))
if you have no money and you work hard and you take a big loan you have a big plus on your side and angels help you

when I have money into my bank account demons are asking me to donate all of them
what happens if I do so?
I escape the demons and angels are speaking to me:)))

if I go to Ramad Nilan and I see demons devouring people in front of me and I participate at their feasts in my honour
they shall eat me too
if I escape them thsy shall speak nice to me and turn into angels

there is no difference between ethics
angels and demons all want you to go to 4d ethical continuum
and they are all unconscious of their own actions and the actions of others
once you reach consciousness you escape all of them:)

if people do good to you do good to them in return
this plus versus plus
what Jesus said?
if people do bad things to you you shall do good things to them
this is plus versus minus
plus attracts minus in all creations
plus rejects plus and minus rejects minus

angels reject angels and demons reject demons
angels love demons and demons love angels

so this creation works my dear friends

everything is in reverse now
Atlantia is now occupied by light beings
you can escape very easily by going to the plus side

-do good things to people
-donate all your money
-take big loans and do all work

Apollo Lucian Aeli with love


Kali Yantra