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The Haunting of the Presidents

The Haunting of the Presidents

by William J. Birnes, Joel Martin

Publisher: Signet
Year: 2003


The scandals of the White House have always commanded attention, but little has been acknowledged of the documented paranormal events that have shaken its stately porticos for more than a century. They are in fact, part of declassified, substantiated records dating back from George Washington through the Clinton administration. Now, complete with actual transcripts of channeling sessions and séances, the history of the paranormal presidency is revealed for the first time in a fascinating exploration of the country's most famous portal to the unknown.

• What were the chilling revelations of the séances conducted by Mary Todd Lincoln, Martha Washington, and Eleanor Roosevelt?
• What secrets did John F. Kennedy reveal–after his death?
• Why was Hillary Clinton compelled to channel the spirits of past First Ladies?
• Which presidents admitted in private to have had UFO encounters?
• What's the source of the strange light emanating from the Rose Room?
• Who–or what–is playing the haunted strains of phantom music in the private halls of the White House?

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