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Ghosts of War

Ghosts of War

by Jeff Belanger

Publisher: New Page Books
Year: 2006


Phantom U.S. Civil War regiments still march through Harpers Ferry, West Virginia before vanishing into the evening sunset.

The beaches of Normandy, France still echo with the cries of the men who gave their lives storming the beaches on D-Day.

The disembodied clip-clop of horse's hooves and the clank of swords from the British Civil War battle of January 25, 1644 are still heard in Nantwich, Cheshire.

Wherever battles were fought and people perished, ghost legends have followed.

Ghosts can be found wherever tragedy left its mark. Where mens and womens lives ended so quickly that their spirits may not even realize that they're dead. Where soldiers, focused on duty, still patrol the front lines of long-finished wars.

The world's battlefields are imprinted with the passions, fears, and horrors of the soldiers who took their enemies lives and often sacrificed their own. Battlefields are still rife with spirit activity, centuries after the last cannon was fired and the last casualty lost.

Ghosts of War is a history book told through the eyes of witnesses who have experienced the ghosts who still haunt these locations. Featuring nearly two dozen battlefields from around the world and throughout the centuries, each chapter includes first-hand accounts of the battle (where available), important facts and dates, historic and ghostly photos of the site, and first-hand ghost sightings and supernatural experiences that still occur.

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