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Psychic Protection

Psychic Protection

by Ted Andrews

Publisher: Dragonhawk
Year: 1998


At a time when so much information is available and so many present themselves as experts, a down-to-earth manual of psychic principles and common sense practices has never been so needed. From one of the most experienced and best teachers in the psychic/holistic field today comes a handbook for psychic self-defense that everyone can use. * Learn the myths, misconceptions, and unfounded fears of the unseen world; * Learn to recognize and discern between true and false psychic perceptions and channeling; * Learn to recognize subtle influences and how to counteract them; * Learn to develop your own psychic powers safely; * Learn the realities and myths of thoughtforms and psychic attacks; * Learn how to strengthen, balance, and protect your energies in all situations; * Learn over 20 effective tools and techniques for spiritual cleansing, protection, and overall balance; * Learn effective tools to enhance your ethics, professionalism, and presence when working in the metaphysical and holistic fields. This book will provide practical scientific and spiritual tools for protecting our environment, our lives, and ourselves. Psychic Protection will make the spiritual quest safer, more creative and more fulfilling!


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