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The Watchers

The Watchers

by Raymond E. Fowler

Publisher: Bantam
Year: 1990


Betty Anreasson Lucas's UFO abduction case has long been famous for the vividness of her recall under hypnosis and the detailed inner consistency of her story. But recently a breathtaking array of previously unknown extraterrestrial encounters has come to light. They reveal the secret, disturbing prime motive behind the abductions of Betty Andreasson Lucas and many others throughout history--and the ultimate design the alien's presence on earth and in our lives. When Lucas discovered this astonishing secret, she gave the beings a name. She calls them the Watchers. Here is a vivid, fully documented picture of the abduction phenomenon as experienced by Betty and many others, including author Raymond E. Fowler himself. The many points of agreement among disparate abductees--such as physical descriptions of alien beings, examinations, experiments, and out-of-body experiences--suggest that not only are we indeed being visited, but we have been for many years. The Watchers brings us closer to the visitors than ever: we see their amazing equipment, their scientific knowledge and power, and the shattering consequences of what they know about our present and our future. This explosive book gives new meaning to the tantalizing mysteries whose solutions lie in the message no one on this planet can ignore.


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