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Magical Use of Thought Forms

Magical Use of Thought Forms

by Delores Ashcroft Norwicki, J.H. Brennan

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
Year: 2001


In this comprehensive reference manual, two leading occult researchers present step-by-step instructions, some never before in print, for developing the most basic and essential skills for magical practitioners of any tradition―creating thought forms through astral manipulation.

Magical Use of Thought Forms includes sections on the structure of reality and on new visualization techniques to build correct astral images for highly potent magical work, from creating a Familiar or Guardian to building a Memory Palace, Also revealed in this extraordinary guide:

*The occult art of observation
*How to build up desire as fuel for a potent astral engine
*The three-point location of occult power in the physical brain
*The creation of advanced astral structures including Godforms and angelics, audial images, and astral landscapes

The most spectacular aspect of this book is the instruction given for the performance of the legendary alchemical experiment: the creation of the homunculus, an animated form that can last up to several hours.


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