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White House Launches New Attack on Woodward Book
Washington Post - Sat Sep 13, 2008
The White House yesterday launched a formal attack on a new book that criticizes President Bush's handling of the Iraq war, arguing that author Bob Woodward's opinions are not supported by his own reporting. More»

Bush wants some endangered species rules extinct
Associated Press - Mon Aug 11, 2008
Just months before President Bush leaves office, his administration is antagonizing environmentalists by proposing changes that would allow federal agencies to decide for themselves whether subdivisions, dams, highways and other projects have the potential to harm endangered animals and plants. More»

House panel subpoenas top Cheney aide
Associated Press - Mon May 5, 2008
The House Judiciary Committee voted Tuesday to compel a top aide to Vice President Dick Cheney to testify to the committee about the Bush administration's interrogation practices. More»

Special counsel's office raided amid obstruction probe
Associated Press - Mon May 5, 2008
WASHINGTON, DC - Federal agents raided the office and home of US Special Counsel Scott Bloch on Tuesday while investigating whether the nation's top protector of whistle-blowers destroyed evidence potentially showing he retaliated against his own staff. More»

Utah nuclear waste company ramps up campaign contributions
Associated Press - Tue Apr 15, 2008
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - A Utah disposal company seeking federal permission to import more than 20,000 tons of nuclear waste from Italy has raised its campaign contributions to lawmakers by hundreds of thousands of dollars. More»

Photo: Bush says Iraq war was worth it Bush says Iraq war was worth it
Associated Press - Tue Mar 18, 2008
President Bush says he has no doubts about launching the unpopular war in Iraq despite the "high cost in lives and treasure," arguing that retreat now would embolden Iran and provide al-Qaida with money for weapons of mass destruction to attack the United States. More»

9/11 attacks harm First Amendment
Associated Press - Wed Mar 5, 2008
WASHINGTON - The shadow of the September 11 terror attacks is eclipsing press freedom and other constitutional safeguards in the United States, Associated Press President and CEO Tom Curley said Thursday. More»

House Charges Bush Aides with Contempt
Associated Press - Wed Feb 13, 2008
The House voted Thursday to hold two of President Bush's aides in contempt for failing to cooperate with an inquiry into whether a purge of federal prosecutors was politically motivated. More»

Bush wants to beef up Earth monitoring
Associated Press - Sun Feb 3, 2008
After years cutting of budgets for tracking global warming, President Bush on Monday proposed more than a $1 billion increase over the next five years for launching more and better Earth-observing satellites. More»

Bush: OPEC nations should pump more oil
Associated Press - Mon Jan 14, 2008
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - President Bush urged OPEC nations on Tuesday to put more oil on the world market and warned that soaring prices could cause an economic slowdown in the United States. More»

Bush, Cheney arrests sought in Vermont town
Associated Press - Fri Dec 28, 2007
MONTPELIER, Vermont - President Bush may soon have a new reason to avoid left-leaning Vermont: In one town, activists want him subject to arrest for war crimes. More»

FEMA forgives itself for staging fake press conference
Washington Post - Mon Nov 12, 2007
An internal investigation into a fake news conference staged by the Federal Emergency Management Agency during last month's California wildfires found that the agency's press secretary directed aides to pose as reporters, secretly coached them during the briefing and ended the event after a final, scripted question was asked, according to a senior FEMA official. More»

FEMA sorry for fake news briefing
Washington Post - Fri Oct 26, 2007
WASHINGTON - The Federal Emergency Management Agency's Number 2 official apologized Friday for leading a staged news conference Tuesday in which FEMA employees posed as reporters while real reporters listened on a telephone conference line and were barred from asking questions. More»

Photo: Stuck in a hole, Limbaugh keeps digging Stuck in a hole, Limbaugh keeps digging
Carpetbagger Report - Wed Oct 3, 2007
When MoveOn's "Betray Us" ad drew a firestorm of attention, the progressive group stood by the advertisement, but it didn't take out another, even more provocative ad. More»

Photo: Bush threatened nations that did not back Iraq war Bush threatened nations that did not back Iraq war
AFP - Wed Sep 26, 2007
MADRID - US President George W Bush threatened nations with retaliation if they did not vote for a UN resolution backing the Iraq war, according to a transcript published Wednesday of a conversation he had with former Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar. More»

Bush's Phonetic Pronunciation Guide Leaked to the Press
The Sun, UK - Tue Sep 25, 2007
George Bush's tongue-twisting battle with pronunciation has been revealed after the White House released an unedited script of his speech to the UN General Assembly by accident. More»

Photo: Cubans walk out during Bush U.N. speech Cubans walk out during Bush U.N. speech
Associated Press - Mon Sep 24, 2007
UNITED NATIONS - Cuba's foreign minister walked out of the UN General Assembly on Tuesday in protest of President Bush's speech in which he said the "long rule of a cruel dictator is nearing its end" on the communist island. More»

Bush Makes Bizarre Statements at Press Conference
Associated Press - Sat Sep 22, 2007
At a press conference in Washington, US President George W Bush pronounced former South African president Nelson Mandela dead. More»

Photo: Bush calls for expansion of spy law Bush calls for expansion of spy law
Associated Press - Tue Sep 18, 2007
FORT MEADE, Maryland - President Bush said Wednesday he wants Congress to expand and make permanent a law that temporarily gives the government more power to eavesdrop without warrants on suspected foreign terrorists. More»

Photo: Bush has Bad Day at Theater Bush has Bad Day at Theater
Associated Press - Thu Sep 6, 2007
SYDNEY, Australia - President Bush had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day at the Sydney Opera House. More»

Photo: "Big Brother" Watched George Orwell "Big Brother" Watched George Orwell
AFP - Mon Sep 3, 2007
LONDON - The MI5 intelligence agency kept tabs on George Orwell for more than two decades but did not believe he was a mainstream communist, according to records made public on Tuesday. More»

Photo: US poverty rate 'declines significantly' US poverty rate 'declines significantly'
Associated Press - Mon Aug 27, 2007
WASHINGTON - Five years into a national economic recovery, the share of Americans living in poverty finally dropped. More»

Judge Orders Bush Administration to Issue Global Warming Study
Bloomberg - Mon Aug 20, 2007
The Bush administration violated US law by failing to produce a study on the impact of global warming and must issue a summary by March, a federal judge ruled. More»

Photo: Law widens govt's right to listen in Law widens govt's right to listen in
USA Today - Sun Aug 5, 2007
WASHINGTON - President Bush signed a bill Sunday that expands the government's power to eavesdrop without warrants on foreign suspects, even as Democratic leaders criticized the law and vowed to change it. More»

Photo: Bush signs homeland security bill Bush signs homeland security bill
Associated Press - Thu Aug 2, 2007
WASHINGTON - President Bush signed legislation Friday that intensifies the anti-terrorism effort at home, shifting money to high-risk states and cities and expanding scrutiny of air and sea cargo. More»

Ohio's 2004 Presidential Election Records Are Destroyed or Missing
AlterNet - Tue Jul 31, 2007
In 56 of Ohio's 88 counties, ballots and election records from 2004 have been "accidentally" destroyed, despite a federal order to preserve them -- it was crucial evidence which would have revealed whether the election was stolen. More»

California e-voting machines have more holes than Swiss cheese
The Register - Sun Jul 29, 2007
Hackers hired to evaluate the security of e-voting machines used in California found serious flaws that could allow for vote tampering in all three systems studied. More»

Bush Government to Poor Voters: We Don't Want You to Vote
AlterNet - Mon Jul 16, 2007
The Justice Department is pressuring 10 states to purge their voter rolls, while states are ignoring laws to help low-income Americans register to vote. More»

Photo: Gonzales Testimony belongs in "Gibberish Hall of Fame" Gonzales Testimony belongs in "Gibberish Hall of Fame"
Truthout - Thu Apr 19, 2007
The testimony given Thursday by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales before the Senate Judiciary Committee during a hearing to investigate the firing of eight United States attorneys deserves a place of high honor in the Gibberish Hall of Fame. More»

$82 Buys E-Voting Secrets
Wired - Thu Feb 15, 2007
For a mere $82 a computer scientist and electronic voting critic managed to purchase five $5,000 Sequoia electronic voting machines over the internet last month from a government auction site. More»

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