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Health News

'I'm High Fructose Corn Syrup, and I Approve This Message'
ABC Blog - Thu Sep 25, 2008
Presidential candidates aren't the only ones banking on television ads to prop up their public images. More»

Patient Died in ER After a 19-Hour Wait
ABC - Thu Sep 25, 2008
With notoriously crowded US emergency rooms, chances are most American families have a story of someone waiting. More»

Mad cow disease kills mother and son
CNN - Wed Sep 24, 2008
MADRID, Spain - The mother of a Spanish man who died from the human form of mad cow disease has also died from the illness, Spain's Ministry of Health says. More»

Heart Disease, Diabetes Linked to Plastics
US News - Wed Sep 17, 2008
"Just one word - plastics," a memorable line from the 1967 movie The Graduate, has taken on a whole new meaning. More»

1 dead, 116 ill in E. coli outbreak
CNN - Fri Aug 29, 2008
Oklahoma health officials said Friday they are searching for the source of a rare form of E. coli that has killed one person and sickened 116 others in the northeastern part of the state. More»

Photo: Yoga eases physical and mental menopause symptoms Yoga eases physical and mental menopause symptoms
Associated Press - Fri Aug 22, 2008
NEW YORK - Yoga can reduce hot flashes and night sweats among women going through menopause, and also appears to sharpen their mental function, researchers from India report. More»

Patient dies after being left in chair 22 hours
Associated Press - Tue Aug 19, 2008
RALEIGH, North Carolina - A mental patient died after workers at a North Carolina hospital left him in a chair for 22 hours without feeding him or helping him use the bathroom, said federal officials who have threatened to cut off the facility's funding. More»

Arsenic in Water Linked to Diabetes
Associated Press - Mon Aug 18, 2008
A new analysis of government data is the first to link low-level arsenic exposure, possibly from drinking water, with Type 2 diabetes, researchers say. More»

Photo: Lack of vitamin D linked to higher death risk: study Lack of vitamin D linked to higher death risk: study
Associated Press - Sun Aug 10, 2008
Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to 26 percent greater risk of death in men and women, according to a study published Monday that appears to confirm the importance of this essential nutrient. More»

Vitamin C 'slows cancer growth'
BBC - Sun Aug 3, 2008
An injection of a high dose of vitamin C may be able to hold back the advance of cancers, US scientists claim. More»

Photo: Cannabis-Linked Cell Receptor Might Help Prevent Colon Cancer Cannabis-Linked Cell Receptor Might Help Prevent Colon Cancer
Health Day - Sat Aug 2, 2008
A cannabinoid receptor lying on the surface of cells may help suppress colorectal cancer, say US researchers. More»

Settlement will reduce carcinogens in potato chips
Associated Press - Sat Aug 2, 2008
Snack lovers, rejoice: Munching on potato chips just got a little healthier. More»

Suicide hot line got calls from 22,000 veterans
Associated Press - Sun Jul 27, 2008
More than 22,000 veterans have sought help from a special suicide hot line in its first year, and 1,221 suicides have been averted, the government says. More»

Photo: Pittsburgh cancer center warns of cell phone risks Pittsburgh cancer center warns of cell phone risks
Associated Press - Wed Jul 23, 2008
PITTSBURGH - The head of a prominent cancer research institute issued an unprecedented warning to his faculty and staff Wednesday: Limit cell phone use because of the possible risk of cancer. More»

Mass. woman diagnosed with rare brain disease
Associated Press - Mon Jul 21, 2008
BOSTON - An elderly woman has been diagnosed with a rare brain disorder, state health officials said Monday. More»

CDC lab containing deadly virus suffers power outage
Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Sat Jul 12, 2008
A laboratory building that contains a deadly strain of avian flu and other germs is among four that lost power for more than an hour Friday when a backup generator system failed again at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More»

FDA issues precautionary note on silver fillings
Associated Press - Wed Jun 11, 2008
Silver dental fillings contain mercury, and the government for the first time is warning that they may pose a safety concern for pregnant women and young children. More»

Photo: South Korea Protests US Beef Imports South Korea Protests US Beef Imports
BBC - Sat May 31, 2008
South Korean police have clashed with demonstrators in the capital Seoul during protests over government plans to resume US beef imports. More»

Childhood lead exposure linked to adult crime
USA Today - Tue May 27, 2008
In what may be the strongest link yet between lead exposure and crime rates, researchers at the University of Cincinnati on Tuesday released new evidence, spanning more than 20 years, that draws a direct relationship between the amount of lead in a child's blood and the likelihood he or she will commit crimes as an adult. More»

Company recalls beef for E. coli concerns
Associated Press - Sat May 17, 2008
Federal officials say a Chicago-based company is recalling beef products distributed in 11 states because of possible E. More»

CDC: Syringe reuse linked to hepatitis C outbreak
Associated Press - Thu May 15, 2008
LAS VEGAS, Nevada - A hepatitis C outbreak affecting more than 80 people and exposing tens of thousands more was caused by workers reusing syringes at a Las Vegas clinic, federal health officials said Friday. More»

E-mail from VA worker says to avoid PTSD diagnosis
Associated Press - Thu May 15, 2008
An internal e-mail written by a Veterans Affairs Department employee suggested avoiding a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder for veterans and instead considering a diagnosis that might result in a lower disability payment. More»

Photo: Number of disabled veterans rising Number of disabled veterans rising
Associated Press - Sat May 10, 2008
Increasing numbers of US troops have left the military with damaged bodies and minds, an ever-larger pool of disabled veterans that will cost the nation billions for decades to come - even as the total population of America's vets shrinks. More»

Families will make case for vaccine link to autism
Associated Press - Sat May 10, 2008
Families claiming that a mercury-based preservative in vaccines triggers autism will challenge mainstream medicine Monday as they take their case to a federal court. More»

Who should MDs let die in a pandemic? Report offers answers
Associated Press - Sun May 4, 2008
Doctors know some patients needing lifesaving care won't get it in a flu pandemic or other disaster. More»

Viruses found in lung tumours
Nature News - Thu Apr 24, 2008
Researchers have found evidence that two common viruses may be lurking behind some cases of lung cancer: human papilloma virus (HPV), already recognized as a cause of cervical cancer, and the measles virus. More»

CDC: Flu season worst in years, vaccine ineffective
Associated Press - Thu Apr 17, 2008
ATLANTA - This year's flu season has shaped up to be the worst in three years, partly because the vaccine didn't work well against the viruses that made most people sick, health officials said Thursday. More»

Medicare Wiped Out by 2019
Associated Press - Mon Mar 24, 2008
Trustees for the government's two biggest benefit programs warned that Social Security and Medicare are facing "enormous challenges" with the threat to Medicare's solvency far more severe. More»

Salmonella cases top 200 in Colorado
Associated Press - Sun Mar 23, 2008
ALAMOSA, Colorado - The number of suspected salmonella cases linked to an outbreak in this southern Colorado town topped 200 Sunday. More»

Photo: Parents speak out on vaccine settlement Parents speak out on vaccine settlement
Associated Press - Sat Mar 8, 2008
ATLANTA - The parents of a girl who won a government settlement described how their hearts were broken as they watched their healthy, red-haired toddler transformed into an irritable, odd-behaving child after she got several childhood shots. More»

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