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Science News

Photo: Global Temperature Highest in Millennia Global Temperature Highest in Millennia
Associated Press - Sun Sep 24, 2006
WASHINGTON - The planet's temperature has climbed to levels not seen in thousands of years, warming that has begun to affect plants and animals, researchers report in Tuesday's issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. More»

Hearing voices: Some people like it
MSNBC - Sun Sep 17, 2006
For some people, hearing voices in their heads is a positive experience, not a sign of mental illness or cause for distress. More»

Photo: Doctor leads time travel research Doctor leads time travel research
BBC - Tue Sep 5, 2006
Experiments aimed at unlocking secrets of time travel are being led by Aberdeen University. More»

Photo: Hands Shown to Emit Light Hands Shown to Emit Light
Discovery News - Wed Jul 5, 2006
Human hands glow, but fingernails release the most light, according to a recent study that found all parts of the hand emit detectable levels of light. More»

Mystery Vibrations Detected Inside Earth - Thu Apr 13, 2006
Tremors deep inside the Earth are usually produced by magma flowing beneath volcanoes, but a new study suggests they can also be produced by the shifting and sliding of tectonic plates. More»

Photo: Moonquakes - "The moon was ringing like a bell" Moonquakes - "The moon was ringing like a bell"
NASA - Tue Mar 14, 2006
NASA astronauts are going back to the moon and when they get there they may need quake-proof housing. More»

Stellar Sound Waves Set Off Supernovas - Sun Feb 19, 2006
Massive, dying stars vibrate like giant speakers and emit an audible hum before exploding in one of nature's most spectacular blasts, scientists say. More»

Study: Plants Behave Like Humans
Sydney Morning Herald - Mon Jan 23, 2006
Plants are not unlike humans - they can talk to each other and even call in reinforcements when the going gets tough. More»

Photo: Fire-Starting Hotspot in California Fire-Starting Hotspot in California
GEOTIMES - Fri Jan 13, 2006
In August 2004, a mysterious patch of hot soil triggered a forest fire in Southern California's Los Padres National Forest. More»

Photo: Whales Found to Speak in Dialects Whales Found to Speak in Dialects - Tue Jan 3, 2006
Some whale species sing in different dialects depending on where they're from, a new study shows. More»

Radiation alert at Chechen plant
BBC - Fri Dec 16, 2005
Prosecutors in Chechnya have opened a criminal investigation after finding "catastrophic" levels of radioactivity at a chemical factory in the republic. More»

Photo: High Ozone Levels in Mountains of Tibet High Ozone Levels in Mountains of Tibet - Wed Dec 14, 2005
In addition to thin air and sub-zero temperatures, climbers scaling Mount Everest face another challenge. More»

Photo: Freezing Light Freezing Light
ScienCentral News - Mon Dec 12, 2005
Scientists have slowed down and even stopped the fastest substance in the universe: light. More»

Photo: Moon Storms Moon Storms
NASA - Tue Dec 6, 2005
Every lunar morning, when the sun first peeks over the dusty soil of the moon after two weeks of frigid lunar night, a strange storm stirs the surface. More»

UN Climate Talks Enter Key Phase
BBC - Tue Dec 6, 2005
Environment ministers from around the world are trying to break a deadlock over climate change policy, at a major UN conference in Montreal. More»

Photo: Mesmerized by Moondust Mesmerized by Moondust
NASA - Sun Nov 20, 2005
Each morning, Mian Abbas enters his laboratory and sits down to examine--a single mote of dust. More»

Fuel's paradise? Power source that turns physics on its head
The Guardian UK - Sat Nov 5, 2005
It seems too good to be true: a new source of near-limitless power that costs virtually nothing, uses tiny amounts of water as its fuel and produces next to no waste. More»

Photo: Elephants may pay homage to dead relatives Elephants may pay homage to dead relatives
New Scientist - Thu Oct 27, 2005
Elephants may pay homage to the bones of dead relatives in their home ranges, a study of the creatures' responses to skulls and ivory suggests. More»

Photo: "Milky Seas" Detected from Space "Milky Seas" Detected from Space
BBC - Mon Sep 26, 2005
Mariners over the centuries have reported surreal, nocturnal displays of glowing sea surfaces stretching outwards to the horizon. More»

Light bulb malfunction sends 18 to hospital with radiation burns
AP - Thu Sep 15, 2005
COLUMBIA, Tennessee - A malfunctioning light bulb in a school gym exposed more than 100 people to short-wave radiation for an hour, sending 18 to the hospital with severe sunburns and swollen eyes. More»

Sun Has Binary Partner, May Affect The Earth
Space Daily - Wed Sep 14, 2005
The ground-breaking and richly illustrated new book, Lost Star of Myth and Time, marries modern astronomical theory with ancient star lore to make a compelling case for the profound influence on our planet of a companion star to the sun. More»

Photo: Fluorescent Shark Caught on Film Fluorescent Shark Caught on Film
National Geographic News - Sat Sep 10, 2005
Science never sleeps, even when facing down a hurricane. More»

Earth's Core Spinning Faster Than Crust
Live Science - Wed Aug 24, 2005
The giant orb of iron and nickel that anchors Earth's center is spinning faster than the planet's surface, according to a new study that confirms scientists' expectations. More»

Photo: NASA Images Discover Ancient Bridge between India and SriLanka NASA Images Discover Ancient Bridge between India and SriLanka
IndoLink - Mon Aug 22, 2005
The bridge's unique curvature and composition by age suggests that it may be man made. More»

Photo: Big game 'could roam US plains' Big game 'could roam US plains'
BBC - Wed Aug 17, 2005
If a group of US researchers have their way, lions, cheetahs, elephants and camels could soon roam parts of North America, Nature magazine reports. More»

Photo: Nasa Blasted Over Shuttle Efforts Nasa Blasted Over Shuttle Efforts
BBC - Wed Aug 17, 2005
Nasa's latest shuttle efforts were tainted by some of the problems that caused the Columbia disaster, seven members of an oversight panel say. More»

Crackling Planets
NASA - Tue Aug 9, 2005
Have you ever walked across a wool carpet in leather-soled shoes on a dry winter day, and then reached out toward a doorknob? ZAP! A stinging spark leaps between your fingers and the metal knob. More»

Alaskan people tell of climate change
BBC - Sat Aug 6, 2005
For the past 20 years climatologists and ice and atmosphere scientists have been working in Alaska studying climate change. More»

Photo: Teleportation: Express Lane Space Travel Teleportation: Express Lane Space Travel - Fri Jul 8, 2005
Think Star Trek: You are here, you want to go there, it's just a matter of teleportation. More»

Photo: Giant Crystal Cave Discovered Giant Crystal Cave Discovered
BBC - Sat Jun 11, 2005
A gigantic cave of crystals has been discovered in an old silver mine in Spain. More»

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