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UN Climate Talks Enter Key Phase
BBC - Tue Dec 6, 2005
Environment ministers from around the world are trying to break a deadlock over climate change policy, at a major UN conference in Montreal. More»

Photo: Mesmerized by Moondust Mesmerized by Moondust
NASA - Sun Nov 20, 2005
Each morning, Mian Abbas enters his laboratory and sits down to examine--a single mote of dust. More»

Fuel's paradise? Power source that turns physics on its head
The Guardian UK - Sat Nov 5, 2005
It seems too good to be true: a new source of near-limitless power that costs virtually nothing, uses tiny amounts of water as its fuel and produces next to no waste. More»

Photo: Elephants may pay homage to dead relatives Elephants may pay homage to dead relatives
New Scientist - Thu Oct 27, 2005
Elephants may pay homage to the bones of dead relatives in their home ranges, a study of the creatures' responses to skulls and ivory suggests. More»

Photo: "Milky Seas" Detected from Space "Milky Seas" Detected from Space
BBC - Mon Sep 26, 2005
Mariners over the centuries have reported surreal, nocturnal displays of glowing sea surfaces stretching outwards to the horizon. More»

Light bulb malfunction sends 18 to hospital with radiation burns
AP - Thu Sep 15, 2005
COLUMBIA, Tennessee - A malfunctioning light bulb in a school gym exposed more than 100 people to short-wave radiation for an hour, sending 18 to the hospital with severe sunburns and swollen eyes. More»

Sun Has Binary Partner, May Affect The Earth
Space Daily - Wed Sep 14, 2005
The ground-breaking and richly illustrated new book, Lost Star of Myth and Time, marries modern astronomical theory with ancient star lore to make a compelling case for the profound influence on our planet of a companion star to the sun. More»

Photo: Fluorescent Shark Caught on Film Fluorescent Shark Caught on Film
National Geographic News - Sat Sep 10, 2005
Science never sleeps, even when facing down a hurricane. More»

Earth's Core Spinning Faster Than Crust
Live Science - Wed Aug 24, 2005
The giant orb of iron and nickel that anchors Earth's center is spinning faster than the planet's surface, according to a new study that confirms scientists' expectations. More»

Photo: NASA Images Discover Ancient Bridge between India and SriLanka NASA Images Discover Ancient Bridge between India and SriLanka
IndoLink - Mon Aug 22, 2005
The bridge's unique curvature and composition by age suggests that it may be man made. More»

Photo: Big game 'could roam US plains' Big game 'could roam US plains'
BBC - Wed Aug 17, 2005
If a group of US researchers have their way, lions, cheetahs, elephants and camels could soon roam parts of North America, Nature magazine reports. More»

Photo: Nasa Blasted Over Shuttle Efforts Nasa Blasted Over Shuttle Efforts
BBC - Wed Aug 17, 2005
Nasa's latest shuttle efforts were tainted by some of the problems that caused the Columbia disaster, seven members of an oversight panel say. More»

Crackling Planets
NASA - Tue Aug 9, 2005
Have you ever walked across a wool carpet in leather-soled shoes on a dry winter day, and then reached out toward a doorknob? ZAP! A stinging spark leaps between your fingers and the metal knob. More»

Alaskan people tell of climate change
BBC - Sat Aug 6, 2005
For the past 20 years climatologists and ice and atmosphere scientists have been working in Alaska studying climate change. More»

Photo: Teleportation: Express Lane Space Travel Teleportation: Express Lane Space Travel - Fri Jul 8, 2005
Think Star Trek: You are here, you want to go there, it's just a matter of teleportation. More»

Photo: Giant Crystal Cave Discovered Giant Crystal Cave Discovered
BBC - Sat Jun 11, 2005
A gigantic cave of crystals has been discovered in an old silver mine in Spain. More»

Hormone Spray Is Found To Bolster Trust in Others
Washington Post - Tue May 31, 2005
Scientists have found the chemical equivalent of the perfect sales pitch: a hormone that makes us more trusting than we normally are. More»

Artificial Gravity: NASA Spins Up New Study - Mon May 16, 2005
Imagine being onboard that first human expedition to Mars. More»

Photo: Cassini Finds Organic Material on Titan Cassini Finds Organic Material on Titan - Tue Apr 26, 2005
During its closest flyby of Saturn's moon Titan on April 16, the Cassini spacecraft came within 1,027 kilometers (638 miles) of the moon's surface and found that the outer layer of the thick, hazy atmosphere is brimming with complex hydrocarbons. More»

Bubbles Get Hotter than the Sun
Live Science - Thu Mar 3, 2005
Just as blowing up a bubble leads to a pop, so can shrinking it. More»

Huge Space Clouds May Have Caused Mass Extinctions - Thu Mar 3, 2005
Giant space clouds of gas may have changed the climate or atmosphere on Earth and fueled mass extinctions millions of years ago, scientists said Thursday. More»

Photo: Saturn's Moon Titan a Frozen World Saturn's Moon Titan a Frozen World
AP - Sat Feb 19, 2005
WASHINGTON - Data from the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft suggest that Titan, a moon of Saturn, is a world with the potential of life that was frozen in its youth, prevented by deep cold from ever developing into a livelier place. More»

Can This Black Box See Into the Future?
Red Nova News - Sun Feb 13, 2005
DEEP in the basement of a dusty university library in Edinburgh lies a small black box, roughly the size of two cigarette packets side by side, that churns out random numbers in an endless stream. More»

U.S. Scientists Say They Are Told to Alter Findings
Los Angeles Times - Wed Feb 9, 2005
More than 200 Fish and Wildlife researchers cite cases where conclusions were reversed to weaken protections and favor business, a survey finds. More»

People Are Human-Bacteria Hybrid
Wired - Tue Oct 12, 2004
Most of the cells in your body are not your own, nor are they even human. More»

Photo: Crystal the Size of the Moon in a Star's Heart Crystal the Size of the Moon in a Star's Heart
New Scientist - Mon Feb 16, 2004
A crystal the size of our Moon has been revealed hidden at the centre of a dying star, after an analysis of pulsations in the star's brightness. More»

Photo: Neandertal-Cro-Magnon Hybrid? Neandertal-Cro-Magnon Hybrid?
Archaeological Institute of America - Wed Apr 28, 1999
Analysis of the skeletal remains of a four-year-old child buried in a Portuguese rock-shelter 25,000 to 24,500 years ago has yielded startling evidence that early modern humans and Neandertals may have interbred. More»

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