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White House Edits CDC Climate Testimony
Associated Press - Mon Oct 22, 2007
The White House severely edited congressional testimony given Tuesday by the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the impact of climate change on health, removing specific scientific references to potential health risks, according to two sources familiar with the documents. More»

Photo: Farm Chemicals Cause Increase of Deformed Frogs Farm Chemicals Cause Increase of Deformed Frogs
Associated Press - Mon Sep 24, 2007
The growing number of deformed frogs in recent years is caused at least partly by runoff from farming and ranching, new research indicates. More»

Photo: US judge overturns whale-protecting ban on sonar US judge overturns whale-protecting ban on sonar
AFP - Sat Sep 1, 2007
WASHINGTON - An appeals court overturned Friday a ban on the US navy's use of sonar in upcoming training exercises off California that was aimed at protecting whales disturbed by the subsea emissions. More»

Judge Orders Bush Administration to Issue Global Warming Study
Bloomberg - Mon Aug 20, 2007
The Bush administration violated US law by failing to produce a study on the impact of global warming and must issue a summary by March, a federal judge ruled. More»

Tennessee Nuclear Leak Hidden from the Public
Associated Press - Mon Aug 20, 2007
KNOXVILLE, Tennessee - A three-year veil of secrecy in the name of national security was used to keep the public in the dark about the handling of highly enriched uranium at a nuclear fuel processing plant - including a leak that could have caused a deadly, uncontrolled nuclear reaction. More»

GA: Head of Water Dept Dumps Untreated Sludge in Public Park
Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Fri Aug 10, 2007
Leon Forrer receives plenty of calls about environmental problems, so he wasn't surprised when he heard about an illegal dump at a park in McDonough. More»

Photo: White House accused of meddling with EPA White House accused of meddling with EPA
Associated Press - Wed Aug 1, 2007
WASHINGTON - The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday released an analysis of its new proposal to reduce smog levels that shows higher economic costs - but potentially more lives saved - the more stringent the regulation is. More»

Photo: 'Doomsday' Vault Design Unveiled 'Doomsday' Vault Design Unveiled
BBC - Wed Feb 7, 2007
The final design for a "doomsday" vault that will house seeds from all known varieties of food crops has been unveiled by the Norwegian government. More»

Photo: 'Only 50 years left' for sea fish 'Only 50 years left' for sea fish
BBC - Wed Nov 1, 2006
There will be virtually nothing left to fish from the seas by the middle of the century if current trends continue, according to a major scientific study. More»

Radioactive Leak Taints Water in Chicago
UPI - Tue Jan 24, 2006
CHICAGO - Radioactive tritium seeping into groundwater near a Chicago-area nuclear power plant has prompted the Exelon Corp to offer compensation to property owners. More»

Photo: 'Doomsday' Seed Bank to be Built 'Doomsday' Seed Bank to be Built
BBC - Sun Jan 15, 2006
Norway is planning to build a "doomsday vault" inside a mountain on an Arctic island to hold a seed bank of all known varieties of the world's crops. More»

Shell cuts North Sea exploration
BBC - Fri Dec 16, 2005
Oil giant Shell has cut its plans for North Sea exploration, blaming Chancellor Gordon Brown's tax hikes for the move. More»

Radiation alert at Chechen plant
BBC - Fri Dec 16, 2005
Prosecutors in Chechnya have opened a criminal investigation after finding "catastrophic" levels of radioactivity at a chemical factory in the republic. More»

Male infertility 'is increasing'
BBC - Sat Jun 25, 2005
Infertility may be becoming more of a man's than a woman's problem, new figures suggest. More»

Pesticide Lnked to Parkinson's Disease
BBC - Wed May 25, 2005
Exposure to pesticides could increase the risk of developing Parkinson's disease, researchers have warned. More»

Photo: Monsanto Sues American Farmers for Saving Seeds Monsanto Sues American Farmers for Saving Seeds
Associated Press - Wed Feb 9, 2005
SAN FRANCISCO - Monsanto Company's "seed police" snared soy farmer Homan McFarling in 1999, and the company is demanding he pay it hundreds of thousands of dollars for alleged technology piracy. More»

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