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7 banks closed in Fla., Ga., Ill., Kan., Ariz.
Associated Press - Fri Oct 22, 2010
WASHINGTON - Regulators on Friday shut down a total of seven banks in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas and Arizona, lifting to 139 the number of US banks that have fallen this year as soured loans have mounted and the economy has sputtered. More»

BofA's unfunny foreclosure tricks
CNN - Wed Sep 22, 2010
The irresponsible foreclosure practices of banks have been in the headlines. More»

Photo: With Neighbors Unaware, Toxic Spill at a BP Plant With Neighbors Unaware, Toxic Spill at a BP Plant
New York Times - Mon Aug 30, 2010
TEXAS CITY, Texas - While the world was focused on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, a BP refinery here released huge amounts of toxic chemicals into the air that went unnoticed by residents until many saw their children come down with respiratory problems. More»

BP accepts blame for Gulf of Mexico spill after leaked memo reveals engineer misread pressure reading
The Daily Mail - Sun Aug 29, 2010
BP has for the first time admitted that it made mistakes which led to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, according to US reports. More»

Wells Fargo Ordered To Pay $203 MILLION In Fees Over 'Unfair' Charges
Associated Press - Tue Aug 10, 2010
NEW YORK - A federal judge in California ordered Wells Fargo & Co to change what he called "unfair and deceptive business practices" that led customers into paying multiple overdraft fees, and to pay $203 million back to customers. More»

Photo: BP's share price has collapsed more than 40% BP's share price has collapsed more than 40%
AFP - Wed Jun 9, 2010
NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana - BP's misery deepened Thursday as investors took flight for fear President Barack Obama will exact a heavy price from the British energy giant over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. More»

Rig survivors: BP ordered shortcut on day of blast
CNN - Tue Jun 8, 2010
The morning the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, a BP executive and a Transocean official argued over how to proceed with the drilling, rig survivors told CNN's Anderson Cooper in an exclusive interview. More»

Bank of America to pay borrowers $108 million
Associated Press - Sun Jun 6, 2010
WASHINGTON - Bank of America will pay $108 million to settle federal charges that Countrywide Financial Corp, which it acquired nearly two years ago, collected outsized fees from borrowers facing foreclosure. More»

What are the Bilderberg Group really doing in Spain?
The Independent - Sat Jun 5, 2010
If the conspiracy theorists are on to something, they could be plotting the invasion of Iran, planning the funeral of the Euro or scheming to wipe out French poodles in pink sweaters at this very minute. More»

Disturbing Job Ads: 'The Unemployed Will Not Be Considered'
Huffington Post - Thu Jun 3, 2010
Still waiting for a response to the 300 resumés you sent out last month? Bad news: Some companies are ignoring all unemployed applicants. More»

Oil rig inspectors took company gifts, watchdog group finds
CNN - Mon May 24, 2010
Washington - Federal inspectors overseeing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico accepted meals and tickets to sporting events from companies they monitored, the Interior Department's inspector general concluded in a report released Wednesday. More»

Fannie Mae asks for another $8.4 billion
CNN Money - Sun May 9, 2010
NEW YORK - Fannie Mae requested another $8.4 billion from the federal government on Monday, saying that it expects its losses to continue because of trends in the housing and financial markets. More»

Photo: Feds let BP avoid filing blowout plan for Gulf rig Feds let BP avoid filing blowout plan for Gulf rig
Associated Press - Wed May 5, 2010
NEW ORLEANS - Petrochemical giant BP didn't file a plan to specifically handle a major oil spill from an uncontrolled blowout at its Deepwater Horizon project because the federal agency that regulates offshore rigs changed its rules two years ago to exempt certain projects in the central Gulf region, according to an Associated Press review of official records. More»

Banks can collect on a loan and wipe out your account
Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Thu Apr 29, 2010
When Hope and Matt Hughes stopped for supplies at a pet store last month, they thought the trouble with their debit card was just a glitch. More»

No Mortgage, Still Foreclosed? Bank of America Sued for Seizing Wrong Homes
ABC News - Sun Jan 24, 2010
Some 2.8 million homeowners faced the threat of foreclosure last year, but it wasn't supposed to happen to Charlie and Maria Cordoso. More»

Photo: Obama tells banks: 'We want our money back' Obama tells banks: 'We want our money back'
Associated Press - Wed Jan 13, 2010
WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama told banks Thursday they should pay a new tax to recoup the cost of bailing out foundering firms at the height of the financial crisis. More»

Cities, counties take back corporate tax breaks
Associated Press - Fri Jan 1, 2010
CHICAGO - Cash-strapped communities have a message for corporations that promised jobs in return for tax breaks: A deal's a deal. More»

80% Credit Card Fees?
WSB-TV - Sun Dec 20, 2009
CHEROKEE COUNTY, Georgia - Martha Burnett, an unemployed single mother from Cherokee County, was happy about the new credit card she got in the mail. More»

Monsanto seed business role revealed
Associated Press - Sat Dec 12, 2009
ST LOUIS - Confidential contracts detailing Monsanto's business practices reveal how the world's biggest seed developer is squeezing competitors, controlling smaller seed companies and protecting its dominance over the multibillion-dollar market for genetically altered crops, an Associated Press investigation has found. More»

Feds Close Three More Ga. Banks
GPB - Sat Dec 5, 2009
ATLANTA - Federal regulators shut down three Georgia banks yesterday. More»

Photo: Meltdown 101: What to know if your bank fails Meltdown 101: What to know if your bank fails
Associated Press - Sat Oct 31, 2009
NEW YORK - Dozens of banks have failed this year. More»

Pfizer profit up 26 pct, tops estimate
AFP - Mon Oct 19, 2009
NEW YORK - Pharmaceutical industry leader Pfizer said Tuesday third-quarter profits rose 26 percent from a year ago to 2.88 billion dollars, as cost cuts helped offset lower revenues. More»

Bank of America loses $2.24B as loan losses rise
Associated Press - Thu Oct 15, 2009
CHARLOTTE, North Carolina - Bank of America said Friday it lost more than $2.2 billion in the third quarter as loan losses kept rising, providing further evidence that consumers are still struggling to pay their bills. More»

2 more Ga. banks fail; making it 23 in past year
Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Fri Aug 21, 2009
GEORGIA - A pile of bad real estate loans and not enough cash to cover the mounting losses - That toxic formula claimed two more small Georgia lenders on Friday: First Coweta Bank of Newnan and ebank of Atlanta. More»

Regulators shut banks in Florida, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma
Associated Press - Thu Jul 30, 2009
WASHINGTON - Regulators on Friday shut down banks in Florida, New Jersey, Ohio and Oklahoma, boosting to 68 the number of federally insured banks to fail this year amid the pressures of the weak economy and mounting loan defaults. More»

6 More Georgia Banks Shut Down
Associated Press - Thu Jul 23, 2009
WASHINGTON - Regulators on Friday shut six banks in Georgia and a small bank in New York state, raising to 64 the number of federally insured banks to fail this year. More»

Hot in recession: Chocolate, running shoes, Spam
Associated Press - Fri May 15, 2009
WASHINGTON - It's not all doom and gloom in the US economy - Some products are bucking the recession and flying off store shelves. More»

Freedom Bank fails, seventh to close in Georgia
Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Fri Mar 6, 2009
Another small bank has failed in Georgia: Federal and state regulators on Friday seized Freedom Bank of Georgia in Commerce, the seventh Georgia bank to fail in the past seven months. More»

FDIC warns US bank deposit insurance fund could tank
AFP - Wed Mar 4, 2009
WASHINGTON - The US government is warning banks that its deposit insurance fund could go broke this year as bank failures mount. More»

Photo: SEC charges Texas financier with 'massive' fraud SEC charges Texas financier with 'massive' fraud
Associated Press - Mon Feb 16, 2009
NEW YORK - The federal government says R Allen Stanford's investment businesses were too good to be true, and shut his companies down on Tuesday. More»

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