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Photo: Thousands of vets could get benefits upgrade Thousands of vets could get benefits upgrade
Associated Press - Sun Jan 24, 2010
WASHINGTON - The military has agreed to expedite a review the records of thousands of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans discharged with post-traumatic stress disorder to determine whether they were improperly denied benefits. More»

Photo: Homeless veteran who saved 5 in fire laid to rest Homeless veteran who saved 5 in fire laid to rest
Associated Press - Sat Jan 23, 2010
ARLINGTON, Virginia - Ray Vivier had been an adventurer, a Marine veteran who explored the country from South Carolina to Alaska, the father of five children. More»

Photo: Back from combat, women struggle for acceptance Back from combat, women struggle for acceptance
Associated Press - Sun Dec 13, 2009
WASHINGTON - Nobody wants to buy them a beer: Even near military bases, female veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan aren't often offered a drink on the house as a welcome home. More»

Photo: As vets await checks, VA workers get $24M bonuses As vets await checks, VA workers get $24M bonuses
Associated Press - Thu Aug 20, 2009
WASHINGTON - Outside the Veterans Affairs Department, severely wounded veterans have faced financial hardship waiting for their first disability payment; inside, money has been flowing in the form of $24 million in bonuses. More»

New GI Bill sending veterans to school this fall
Associated Press - Thu Jul 30, 2009
WASHINGTON - Spc Marco Reininger started the year on the dusty streets of Afghanistan: He'll end it on the campus of Columbia University with the government picking up a large chunk of the $100,000 tab for tuition. More»

Photo: Robert McNamara, Vietnam War architect, dies at 93 Robert McNamara, Vietnam War architect, dies at 93
Associated Press - Mon Jul 6, 2009
WASHINGTON - Robert S McNamara, the brainy Pentagon chief who directed the escalation of the Vietnam War despite private doubts the war was winnable or worth fighting, died Monday at 93. More»

Did toxic chemical in Iraq cause GIs' illnesses?
Associated Press - Sat Jun 27, 2009
Larry Roberta's every breath is a painful reminder of his time in Iraq: he can't walk a block without gasping for air. More»

Army: Suicide rate among soldiers continues on record pace
CNN - Wed Jun 10, 2009
WASHINGTON - The suicide rate among US Army soldiers jumped in May - continuing a four-month upward trend and on a record pace for a second straight year, according to Army statistics released Thursday. More»

More Medical Mistakes at VA Clinics
Associated Press - Sun May 17, 2009
Federal officials have been warning thousands of former patients they might have been exposed to infection at three Veterans Affairs facilities, yet other VA patients are not being warned about less serious mistakes with the same equipment at more than a dozen other VA centers. More»

Vet Released from VA with IV Still in his Arm
WXPI-TV - Tue May 12, 2009
PITTSBURGH - A mother is up in arms after her son, a Vietnam veteran, is returned home from the hospital still wearing a gown and IV needle in his arm. More»

Army officials claim war concussions "overdiagnosed"
Associated Press - Tue Apr 14, 2009
ATLANTA - Mild brain injuries - once considered an under-recognized problem in returning military troops - are being overdiagnosed because the government is using soft criteria instead of hard medical evidence, an Army doctor and two other officials contend. More»

"I am under a lot of pressure to not diagnose PTSD" - Wed Apr 8, 2009
A secret recording reveals the Army may be pushing its medical staff not to diagnose post-traumatic stress disorder. More»

Army manual raises emphasis on electronic warfare
Associated Press - Tue Feb 24, 2009
FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kansas - For the first time since the end of the Cold War, the Army is updating its plans for electronic warfare, calling for more use of high-powered microwaves, lasers and infrared beams to attack enemy targets and control angry crowds. More»

Army charity hoards millions
Associated Press - Sun Feb 22, 2009
FORT BLISS, Texas - As soldiers stream home from Iraq and Afghanistan, the biggest charity inside the US military has been stockpiling tens of millions of dollars meant to help put returning fighters back on their feet, an Associated Press investigation shows. More»

Photo: Obama reviewing ban on photos of military coffins Obama reviewing ban on photos of military coffins
Associated Press - Mon Feb 9, 2009
President Barack Obama said Monday he is considering whether to overturn a Pentagon policy that bans the media from taking pictures of the flag-draped coffins of US troops returning from the battlefield. More»

Photo: Army suicides at 3-decade high Army suicides at 3-decade high
Associated Press - Wed Jan 28, 2009
WASHINGTON - Suicides among US soldiers rose last year to the highest level in decades, the Army announced Thursday. More»

Photo: Hudson River hero is ex-Air Force fighter pilot Hudson River hero is ex-Air Force fighter pilot
Associated Press - Thu Jan 15, 2009
NEW YORK - The pilot who guided a crippled US Airways jetliner safely into the Hudson River - saving all 155 people aboard - became an instant hero Thursday, with accolades from the mayor and governor and a fan club online. More»

Photo: Vets sue CIA, Defense over military experiments Vets sue CIA, Defense over military experiments
Associated Press - Wed Jan 7, 2009
SAN FRANCISCO - Six veterans who claim they were unwittingly exposed to dangerous chemicals and germs during government-sponsored Cold War experiments have sued the CIA, Department of Defense and other agencies. More»

Judge won't intervene in veteran disability dispute
CNN - Wed Dec 17, 2008
A federal judge has refused to intervene in a dispute over delays in paying disability benefits by the Department of Veterans Affairs. More»

Veterans left homeless due to state budget cuts
Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Sat Nov 29, 2008
This is moving day: Michael Seamands' cramped home for the past five years is no longer his. The landlord, the state of Georgia, says he has to go. More»

Photo: Injured veterans engaged in new combat Injured veterans engaged in new combat
Los Angeles Times - Tue Nov 25, 2008
In a little-noticed regulation change, the Pentagon's definition of combat-related disabilities is narrowed, costing some wounded veterans thousands of dollars in lost benefits. More»

Gulf War vet health research lacking
Associated Press - Fri Nov 14, 2008
WASHINGTON - Even as possibly hundreds of thousands of veterans suffer from a collection of symptoms commonly called Gulf War illness, the government has done too little to find treatments for their health problems nearly two decades after the war ended, a panel commissioned by Congress said. More»

General bucks culture of silence on mental health
Associated Press - Sat Nov 8, 2008
WASHINGTON - It takes a brave soldier to do what Army Major Geneneral David Blackledge did in Iraq. More»

Speak out, lose job
USA Today - Wed Aug 20, 2008
Speaking up in the military can be hazardous to the health of your career, even when it's done to help wounded soldiers or the families of fallen warriors. More»

Ruling protects Arizonan who sells anti-war shirts
Associated Press - Tue Aug 19, 2008
PHOENIX - A federal judge on Wednesday permanently barred Arizona from using a state law to prosecute an online merchant who sells shirts that list names of thousands of troops killed in Iraq. More»

Suicide hot line got calls from 22,000 veterans
Associated Press - Sun Jul 27, 2008
More than 22,000 veterans have sought help from a special suicide hot line in its first year, and 1,221 suicides have been averted, the government says. More»

Photo: Soldier in famous photo never defeated 'demons' Soldier in famous photo never defeated 'demons'
Associated Press - Sat Jul 19, 2008
PINEHURST, North Carolina - Officers had been to the white ranch house at 560 West Longleaf many times before over the past year to respond to a "barricade situation". More»

VA denies money a factor in PTSD diagnoses
Associated Press - Tue Jun 3, 2008
A Veterans Affairs psychologist denies that she was trying to save money when she suggested that counselors make fewer diagnoses of post-traumatic stress disorder in injured soldiers. More»

Photo: Marine who died after cross-state chase wrote of war stress Marine who died after cross-state chase wrote of war stress
Associated Press - Fri May 16, 2008
TUCSON, Arizona - Last month, Marine Staff Sgt Travis N "T-Bo" Twiggs went to the White House with a group of Iraq war veterans called the Wounded Warriors Regiment and met the president. More»

E-mail from VA worker says to avoid PTSD diagnosis
Associated Press - Thu May 15, 2008
An internal e-mail written by a Veterans Affairs Department employee suggested avoiding a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder for veterans and instead considering a diagnosis that might result in a lower disability payment. More»

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