Apparent Voice Of Dead Woman Heard On Audiotape
Apparent Voice Of Dead Woman Heard On Audiotape

Apparent Voice Of Dead Woman Heard On Audiotape

November 18, 2006

A strange voice captured on audiotape during an investigation of a home in Sanford, Florida, is believed to be that of an elderly woman who died years ago, according to a Local 6 News report.

Local 6 was with the Peace River Ghost Trackers when they set up electromagnetic meters, temperature sensors and a slew of infrared cameras inside a historic house after reports that a woman was haunting the house.

Paranormal investigators attempted to contact the woman.

Local 6 News aired a 3:24 minute audio recording of a faint voice picked up on tape. It sounds like a woman who is singing.

Past owners of the home said they believe the house is haunted by a childless woman who watches over children in the home and becomes agitated with any child is mistreated.

"Usually 99 percent of the time the spirits are friendly," a paranormal investigator said. "The might get your attention by making noises, touching you or poking."

The Peace River Ghost Trackers said they were able to explain some of phenomenon reported inside the house, including a door that seems to open on its own. They discovered when the latch needed to be fixed.

However, the voice on the audiotape remains unexplained.

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