Trump says he is thankful for HIMSELF this holiday
Trump says he is thankful for HIMSELF this holiday

Trump says he is thankful for HIMSELF this holiday

Daily Mail
November 22, 2018

President Donald Trump said he's thankful for himself and the difference he made in this country along with his family.

Asked on Thanksgiving Day to reflect on what he's 'most thankful for,' the president responded: 'For having a great family and for having made a tremendous difference in this country.'

'I made a tremendous difference in the country,' he added. 'This country so much stronger now than it was when I took office that you won't believe it. And I mean, you see it, but so much stronger that people can't even believe it.

Trump spent his Thanksgiving Day speaking on the phone with U.S. soldiers, visiting a local Coast Guard station and then heading to his Trump International Golf course.

The president started his morning speaking to various troops for about 25 minutes, talking with an Air Force Unit in Afghanistan, Marines in Kuwait, Army soldiers in Afghanistan, Coast Guard officers in Bahrain, and a Navy Commander.

He spoke partially from a script, the pages of which were visible in front of him as he spoke on the phone.

He took questions from the press afterward.

The president and his family are spending the Thanksgiving holiday at his estate of Mar-a-Lago.

First lady Melania Trump and his son Barron, last seen in August, boarded Air Force One with the president on Tuesday when he left the White House. Also traveling on the presidential plane were Ivanka Trump and her three children, and Tiffany Trump.

Eric Trump, his wife Lara and their son - who are based in New York - arrived separately to join the family for the holiday.

Ivanka Trump and her children were spotted outside of Mar-a-Lago while Trump was on the phone with troops who are stationed overseas.

Outside the residence, servers were setting up tables for the first family's holiday dinner.

'Melania and I want to express our gratitude for the sacrifices you make to defend your nation while you are away from your family and loved ones,' he told troops at the start of the call.

'I hope you will take solace in knowing that all of the American families that you hold close to your heart we're all doing well,' he added.

After Trump spoke to the troops and the press, delivered a tray of giant sandwiches to a Coast Guard troops inFlorida on Thanksgiving Day and warned them to watch out as they could gain 'five pounds' from one.

There was no sign of first lady Melania Trump at the president's stop at the Coast Guard Station Lake Worth Inlet in Palm Beach, Florida.

She had joined him last year in the sandwich delivery.

The president noted he'd come to the same station last year but added he hoped the food was better this year.

'You gain about five pounds when you eat one of those,' he said of the giant submarine sandwiches.

He offered to take questions from the troops but no one asked.

He wished the crowd a 'Happy Thanksgiving' and praised Coast Guard members for their work in hurricane responses, saying they had saved thousands of lives since he became president.

He also shook hands and met with kitchen staff.

'If you were doing a brand, they would say this is one of the great brand increases,' he said, in one of his favorite compliments.

'Nobody has gone up more than the Coast Guard,' he said.

He joked with several of the officers and even did a fake arm wrestling move with one of them.

And he invited all of them to Mar-a-Lao and said they could play a round of . The president even offered a bet.

'Anybody that wants to go, you go,' he said, inviting them to Mar-a-Lago.

'If you break par, I'll give you $100,' he said.

Melania Trump did join the president when he flew to Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday. She and son Barron, who hasn't been spotted in public since August, flew on Air Force One with the president to his Florida estate.

Melania Trump also attended the annual turkey pardoning earlier Tuesday.

Trump went to his course after visiting the troops.




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