Cops kill innocent man by shooting him through a closed door - at the wrong house

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July 26, 2017

Police officers in Southaven, Mississippi, this week fatally shot a man who had no active warrants because they mistook his house for the house of a suspect.

Local news station [url-]WMC Action News 5[/url] reports that Southaven police on Monday killed resident Ismael Lopez on Monday evening after arriving at his house in an attempt to serve an arrest warrant for a man named Samuel Pearman, whose house was located about a dozen yards away from Lopez's.

Lopez's wife, Claudia Linares, tells Action News 5 that she and her husband were sleeping when they were awakened by commotion outside. Her husband went up to investigate the noise first, and Linares says that by the time she got up to join him, he had already been shot by police and was lying dead on the floor.

Attorney Murray Wells, who is representing Lopez's family, says that "bullet holes suggest [police] shot through the door" of Lopez's house.

Police claim that Lopez opened the door and pointed a gun at them, and that they only shot him after repeatedly asking him to drop his weapon. However, some neighbors are disputing the officers' account.

"I didn't hear yelling," neighbor Nicholas Tramel tells Action 5 News. Additionally, Tramel claims that he never heard police ask anyone to drop any weapons."




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