Exercise 5: Preflight Training, The Leap
Exercise 5: Preflight Training, The Leap

Exercise 5: Preflight Training, The Leap

Cyberspace Orbit
April 27, 2000

This is where preflight training suddenly becomes, well, a wee leap. And we will describe this most simply.

1. Do exercise four, THE FORCE, get some nice fuzzy energy, until you feel like a bottle of bubbly 7-UP.

2. Imagine an interesting place you would like to go. If you want, invite a fun friend to go along with you.

3. Float up a little, c'mon, pretend.

4. Melt through the ceiling, doesn't hurt.

5. Float up a little higher.

6. Now zoom up into the stars until you reach a door, yep, a portal up there in the stars. Cool, huh?

7. Gently rap on the door, announce, hello, this is me.

8. Go through the door to anywhere in the universe you'd like to explore. ANYWHERE!

9. When you want to come back, just do it, c'mon back. For fun, flap or swim back, even pop a parachute and float.

Now guess what. The most important part of you just took a neat journey. Sure your body was still sittin back in your room, doesn't matter, yes, you were at both places. It's called having your body and flying too, sort of like having your cake and eating it too.




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