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Deer Hunters Shoot at UFO - Aliens Escape Unharmed
Deer Hunters Shoot at UFO - Aliens Escape Unharmed

Deer Hunters Shoot at UFO - Aliens Escape Unharmed

February 2, 2012

Two Minnesota men, presumably deer hunters, reported firing several shots at what they thought was a UFO, but the unidentified flying object flew away, apparently unscathed.

The eyewitness account of the UFO sighting details what happened when the two men spotted what they at first thought was an X-47B military drone hovering in the air over the woods at night.

"We were in fear," one of the unnamed men stated, "and trained a scoped Winchester Sportsman .30-06 deer rifle on the object, and fired three successive shots center mass at the object, with no obvious effect, or ricochet sound. Man with me fired two slugs from a Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun center mass, also with no effect."

The OVNI, apparently not damaged, then floated away as the men ran through the woods to escape.

This is a weird report, posted on the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) which is a privately owned and operated website used by witnesses to report unidentifiable aircraft sightings. If they thought it might be a military plane, why did they shoot at it? Weren't they worried they might hurt someone?

In this time of Doomsday 2012 fear it may be that people who were once willing to just observe a UFO in awe are starting to fight back. Apparently, though, UFOs are bulletproof!




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