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Dolphins Brought Body Of Grand Isle Drowning Victim To Shore
Dolphins Brought Body Of Grand Isle Drowning Victim To Shore

Dolphins Brought Body Of Grand Isle Drowning Victim To Shore

July 4, 2011

GRAND ISLE, Louisiana - The Fourth of July weekend turns tragic with the drowning of a Denham Springs man in Grand Isle. But some beachgoers say this story has an unusual ending.

Cesar Zuniga of McAllen, Texas is watching his children like a hawk on this Fourth of July vacation, especially after learning a man drowned Sunday after being caught in an undertow.

"When you're in the water, you're helpless. All you can do is basically try to stay up, or try to struggle with it, but we're not fish," Zuniga said.

Grand Isle Fire Chief Aubrey Chaisson says his rescue team along with the Coast Guard responded to the call of four people possibly in trouble out in the waters, all but one got out: 47 year old Luis Arturo Polanco Morales of Denham Springs. After three hours the search was called off.

"About an hour later, we got a phone call when the tide brought him in, and actually, he was 10-15 feet he had drifted in," Chaisson said.

Authorities say people told them dolphins actually carried the body to the waves. Word of this spread like wildfire on this beach.

"I guess it could be possible. They're mammals. I think they're intelligent enough to do stuff like that," Zuniga said.

"That is very possible. One of the eyewitnesses said they saw that, I mean..." Chaisson said.

While beachgoers try to enjoy the last day of Fourth of July weekend safely with sand, sunshine and waves, Cesar Zuniga still can't shake what he heard happened.

"I guess I call it a miracle, right? I mean, I'm sorry somebody lost their life, but for them to do that to bring the body shore, they're keeping an eye on us. They're keeping an eye on us," Zuniga said.

If you ever get stuck in an undertow, Chief Chaisson says don't panic, the water will take you out a way, but if you float with it, it will eventually release you.


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