Scientists Interested In Large Footprint Discovery
Scientists Interested In Large Footprint Discovery

Scientists Interested In Large Footprint Discovery

September 5, 2008

COOKEVILLE, Tennessee - A retired Cookeville builder has discovered a mysterious set of large footprints on his property.

Harold Jackson is an amateur archaeologist who enjoys collecting arrowheads and other Native American artifacts. But the most extraordinary find of his life came on his property near the Caney Fork River.

For months he stepped on a rock near his house that caught his eye. Finally, he brought the unusual rock home and cleaned it up. After all of the mud was removed, a remarkable discovery was revealed.

"I don't know anything about archaeology or anything. but if you look at it, it's a footprint. No animal footprint looks like that. Now, if it's a Native American, an Indian, then he was a big Indian," said Jackson. "(The print) is about 11 inches wide and about 15 inches long."

Jackson said the fossilized print clearly shows the heel and all five toes.

"It's got to be thousand of years old," said Jackson.

About half-a-dozen scientists said they want to look at the print, including Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, a famous Bigfoot professor at Idaho State University. Meldrum collects Bigfoot prints from all over the world.

Jackson said the print has made him a believer in Bigfoot.

"It was just hard for me to believe. But listen, after I found this print, there's a Bigfoot out there somewhere. I don't know what kind of Bigfoot it is, but there's a Bigfoot out there somewhere," said Jackson.

Channel 4 has yet to reach Meldrum or Tennessee state archaeologist Nick Fielder to comment on the artifact.

Jackson said there is another similar-sized large fossilized foot imprint on his property but has been unable to extract it from the rock.

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